Your Avocado Toast Obsession Boosts Your Dating Game

Another reason to be proud and proud of your love for avocado toast, despite what the millionaires say? According hater dating appthe swipe app that matches you based on your likes, dislikes, likes and dislikes, your addiction to avo toast probably gives you more matches online.

“I think the best way [to bond with a potential partner] is to find something a bit unique”, Brendan Alper, Founder and CEO of Hater, says Bustle. “You want to find something that you have in common that puts you on the same team. The more unique you become, the more intimate connection you can create.”

So to find out how food preferences affect people’s datability, Hater looked at the top 10% right-swiped users among the bottom 10% right-swiped users, and found the biggest differences in food opinion between the two groups, and it turns out that women who like avocado toast and cheap beer are trending on the app.

Here’s what Hater found, because you might not be able to afford a house with your avocado toast obsession, but at least you’re dating.

Women are more likely to get a match if they like:

1. Avocado toast

2. Cheap beer

3. Kale

Women are less likely to get a match if they like:

1. Maraschino cherries

2. OJ with extra pulp

3. Beef jerky

Men are more likely to get a match if they like:

1. Superfoods

2. Mezcal

3. Feedstuffs

Men are less likely to get a match if they like:

1. Whole milk

2. Raisins

3. Well Done Steak

While superfoods and mezcal seem like two things my ideal partner would probably like, I also have no problem with raisins, which the less attractive guys in the app love. So if you hate avocado toast, keep hating it (wait, how could you though?) and know that if you you want a partner who likes whole milk or beef jerky as much as you do, the odds are in your favor because everyone swipes left on these people and that might be the one thing you connect on.

“We have nothing [on the app] where there is not at least one person who likes or dislikes the topic – there is always someone,” says Alper. So keep loving (and hating) whatever your heart desires.

Check out Alper on Bustle’s Sex and Relationship podcast “I Want It That Way” below.

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