Young people are abandoning dating apps in favor of adult toys

When the pandemic hit, it changed the way we lived our lives for everyone. But one group of people he seemed to reach in a very unique way is the young single crowd.

The dating world changed pretty quickly, it was no longer really possible to meet someone in a club or go on a first date with someone in person. The option for “FaceTime dates” was always a thing, and for some people it really seemed to do the trick. But if Lovehoney’s sales models tell us anything, it’s that the pandemic has led to an increased desire to indulge.

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I didn’t own a single sex toy before the pandemic, now I have so many I need a box to keep them all in. I think it’s definitely harder to date now, if you meet someone online they have to be a good texter so you don’t lose interest and honestly my toys are more consistent.

In Lovehoney’s research, it’s clear there has been a shift in recent years. In 2019, 18-24 year olds accounted for just 14.76% of sex toy sales, with an increase of nearly 6% in two years with 2021 seeing the group account for 20.72% of sales.

Although there was a general increase in sex toy sales, it was the following types in particular that seemed to dominate. Sales of sex toys saw a staggering 87% increase in sales in 2020, with over 50,000 of them sold, according to Lonehoney.

With sales nearly doubling from the previous year, it seems young people’s desire to indulge themselves has grown in line with the changing world of dating. Vibrators saw an increase from 99,790 sold in 2019 to 155,326 in 2020.

The prices can sometimes be off-putting, but Lovehoney has some awesome toy sales for up to 50% off. Included in the sale is the Womanizer Starlet which gets rave reviews and the generally very expensive wand vibrators.

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