Ximena”s Shocking Love Life After Mike Exploration

Ximena Morales’ love life following her split from Mike Berk has 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers confused due to her multiple new boyfriends.

Ancient 90 day fiance star Ximena Morales had a controversial love life following her split from Mike Berk of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. Viewers met Ximena, 24, on the spin-off after Mike, 34, traveled to Colombia to meet her in person. Mike claimed to have met Ximena using Tinder, but viewers soon discovered they had met on a cam site where she worked as a model. After living most of his life single, Mike wanted a girlfriend and Ximena wanted money, which led to a transactional relationship.

Ximena and Mike got engaged 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5 but it didn’t last long. Ximena complained that Mike was not her type and called him out for being messy and without manners. It was Ximena’s family who persuaded her to accept Mike’s proposal, telling her to think about her and her sons’ future in America once she married the New Yorker. Ximena kept demanding money from Mike, but when he refused to pay for her breast implants, she wanted to break up. Mike couldn’t handle Ximena ending things with him and became aggressive on camera, demanding that he return everything he offered her and refusing to part ways. However, Ximena apparently brought Mike back while the pair were together during the Tell-All, even planning a trip to Cartagena.


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It looks like Mike and Ximena went on vacation, but around the same time, on February 17, she posted and quickly deleted a TikTok video (shared by blogger mommysaysbadwordstoo). The video showed screenshots of Ximena in a video call with a bearded, tattooed man closer to her age. Ximena captioned the video, “Enamored me of you sonrisa,” resulting in “I fell in love with your smile.” A timestamp listed the date as February 8, meaning the romance was recent. The man has been identified as a Canadian native named Josh Romeo. On February 21, Ximena showed off a new tattoo she was getting to conceal Mike’s name on her wrist. A day later, it was confirmed that Mike and Ximena have separated, less than a year after their engagement.

Fans meet Ximena’s Romeo

Ximena new boyfriend Josh Romeo TikTok in 90 Day Fiance

However, in March, Ximena shared a now-deleted close-up black and white photo of her finger with an engagement ring on a man’s hand. “I love you so muchshe wrote, leaving viewers confused as to whether she was back with Mike. The photo was taken on Ximena’s birthday on March 3, with Josh in her home. Mommysaysbadwordstoo acquired photos and videos of Ximena with Josh, who apparently gave her the ring. In a message dated March 18, they wrote that Ximena’s boyfriend was still in Colombia with his filming of the next season of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days.

Ximena accused of dating two men at once

Ximena's boyfriend Josh Brian after Mike in 90 Day Fiance

What makes matters more complicated is that mom is saying bad words too by posting romantic photos of Ximena in March with a man called Brian who is apparently her current boyfriend. It seems that Ximena was simultaneously dating two men at the same time after Mike. Ximena reportedly spent time with Brian starting in December 2021, and it cannot be confirmed whether Josh knew about it or not. However, on April 11, after the Tell-All aired, Ximena told a fan, “Estoy sola,” resulting in “I’m single,in the comments of one of his photos. But surprisingly, Ximena made her relationship with Brian Instagram official, again in a now-deleted video on May 31. Ximena posted a compilation video of various photos with Brian, some of which were steamy and showed the couple stripped naked and covered in nothing but soap suds. .

Ximena makes Brian IG official

Ximena Brian new boyfriend after Mike in 90 Day Fiance

It seems Ximena is still with Brian since her last visible Instagram post with him was on June 20. Viewers who saw Ximena go through a lot of trouble with Mike on 90 day fiance are happy that she is out of the toxic relationship but still worry about what exactly she is doing. While they assumed Ximena would marry Josh Romeo, some of her followers are now asking her to think about her boys before taking drastic action. Ximena’s life after 90 day fiance is just as dramatic as it is on screen, which could be a sign of its return for a new season.

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90 day fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: mommysaysbadwordstoo/Instagram, Ximena Morales/Instagram

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