Wife Swap | Steph Curry’s parents shaming the world as he wins fourth championship makes him the real MVP

Do you know why Steph Curry is the real MVP? It’s not because he wanted his team to win four championships in eight years; this year, he won despite critical slander from his parent units for their new love interests.

As Steph made impossible trios, leaving everything on the line amid the shortcomings of some of his teammates and earning his first Finals MVP, the Twitterverse put Sonya and Dell Curry’s romantic decision-making to shame.

“I could be angry and say, ‘You all erased that. I could have that approach,” Steph told The Ringer earlier this year. “But it’s going to be an acknowledgment from both of you for the way you raised me. The calm I have inside is thanks to all of you.

If SMH was a person…

“I don’t care what kind of human being you are, people say bad things about your mother and your father and everything that happens must have a negative effect on your personality,” Charles Barkley said on ” First Take” the day after the Warriors won the championship.

“I think it was just such a good outing that he can actually play basketball and win a championship, because I will always love his mom and dad, but everything that’s been going on behind the scenes, it had to put a lot of stress on him.

After 30 years of marriage, the Currys, who produced basketball royalty, are calling it quits publicly.

Dell and Sonya became the Currys in 1988 and had their basketball prodigy son, Steph, the same year. The couple welcomed their second future NBA star, Seth, in 1990 and a daughter named Sydel Curry four years later.

Death of a dynasty

The Currys legally separated in 2020; however, that didn’t stop Dell from accusing Sonya of cheating on him with Steven Johnson, a white man, in 2021. Johnson is believed to be a former NFL player who entered the league in the 1988 draft as a as a sixth-round pick.

Dell tried to block child support payments, claiming Sonya was living with her new beau in Tennessee. Earlier court documents saw Dell claim that Sonya ‘began her extramarital affair with Mr Johnson during the marriage and before the separation date, and she lied to [Dell] every time she cheated on him.

However, in corresponding documents, Sonya said Dell’s assumption was wrong and that she was not living with Johnson at the time. She revealed that she was living independently as Dell wouldn’t allow her to live in the house they shared.

Sonya’s story

Although Sonya reportedly admitted she was in a relationship, saying it started “months later,” she and Dell agreed to legally separate in March 2020, in court papers.

Then Mama Curry went further, claiming that Dell was messy and cheated on her during the marriage and with different women, apparently with her family and close friends knowing about it all.

Then there were the in-game appearances with their respective boo thangs during the finale and the ensuing lyrics about both parents’ choices.

the last laugh

Once the internet started buzzing that everyone was dating a member of a previously married couple, you couldn’t stop the jokes from flowing.

However, Steph Curry had the final say. He knocked out the Boston Celtics in six and walked away with his first Finals MVP. No KD, half Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson returning from injury.

Steph has cemented her place in NBA history, now the world must adjust to the new reality of the Curry family.

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