Why online ways to find ‘love’ are losing ‘interest’ for Gen Z

While it’s easy to find “love” online, apps have lost their luster in Gen Z. |

A couple who met through “dating apps” need not stay in a healthy, long-term relationship. In a recent case, a “virtual” relationship between Mumbai food blogger Aaftab Amin Poonawala and aspiring journalist Shraddha Walker ended horribly when the boy killed and cut the girl’s body into 35 pieces before broadcast them in a Delhi forest.

But, as dating apps are easy and popular ways to connect and find “love”, and thanks to these features, they have sparked “interest” in India. Gen Z and Millennials rely heavily on these apps to find their partners. However, experts have spoken out against finding your interest “virtually”.

No guarantee that the other side of the individual has a clear picture

Because there is no guarantee that the other side of the individual has a clear picture, and the application has no way to cross-check the individual, But, as it takes less time, is full of options and is easily accessible, the dating app market in India remains open. Meanwhile, some dating app relationships succeed while others fail miserably.

This isn’t the first time that online dating apps have come under scrutiny. Tinder Swindler, a gripping Netflix documentary released earlier this year, shed light on the dark side of online dating. Unlike the heinous incident involving Aaftab, this scammer was only interested in the money.

Dating apps have already lost interest in the west

In the West, however, the situation is diametrically opposite. According to a recent media report published on “Timeout.com”, dating apps have struggled since their inception in London.

It is very easy to connect with people using these apps. It’s not unlike using a social media platform. Anyone who wants to use these apps can do so very easily. Yet Generation Z has certainly lost interest in using these apps and is now willing to connect people more “actually” than “literally”, and they are enjoying it.

Why dating apps are entering their flop era

Despite the fact that 74% of Gen Z and Millennials use dating apps, it’s safe to say we’re sick of it. According to a study by Tylt, 84% of millennials prefer to find love “in real life” rather than online. The portal reveals the London dating scene in a nutshell, and here are some of the answers: tough, brutal, unpredictable, messy, mined, and even a cesspool.

How apps are rotting our brains

Apps haven’t just made people fickle, lazier, and harder to find a date; they are also obviously bad for us. They damage our perception of others and mess with our brains by effectively encouraging us to “catalog shop for humans”, as McNeil Love puts it.

No matter how “liberating” dating apps can be, they also cause a significant amount of “suffering” for users.

The apps also “subject the mystery of romantic alchemy to data science work,” so instead of going home to the pretty person we met at a bar, we now have stale dates with people. that a scientific algorithm has chosen for us, based on our own bad judgment.

Back to retro

According to data from Eventbrite, face-to-face dating events have grown 400% over the past four years. While the thought of having a forced conversation with 30 strangers while others watch might make you want to crawl into a black hole and shrivel up, there are people trying to liven up the scene. London has given birth to a new breed of modern, inclusive and enjoyable speed dating.

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