Who Is Zack Bia, Olivia Rodrigo’s Alleged New Boyfriend

American singer and songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, famous for her many popular songs, was spotted in New York on April 25. Olivia, who is only 19, was spotted with Zack Bia, a 25-year-old DJ. This is Zack and Olivia’s very first appearance together in public. Interestingly, Zack and Olivia were seen laughing and smiling as they were petted.

The photo of the duo that went viral clearly revealed how much they enjoyed each other’s company and also sparked romantic rumors simultaneously. Zack and Olivia have known each other for a very short time. The duo only met in February during the super bowl and have been hanging out together ever since.

For their brunch, the couple chose an Italian restaurant in New York only. While Olivia was seen wearing a black jacket with a pencil skirt and a shoulder bag to accessorize the entire outfit. She kept it casual by wearing sneakers for her shoes. On the other hand, Zack was seen wearing a gray hoodie with black pants. Zack accessorized his looks with a cap and a pair of sneakers that adorned him.

Rodrigo was dating music producer Adam Faze and she and Faze made their relationship public in June 2021, when they attended the premiere of “Space Jam 2.” Rodrigo introduced him as “her boyfriend,” an eyewitness tells E! News at the time, adding that “they were incredibly cute together and didn’t try to hide their passion at all.”

Bia has been the target of relationship speculation with “Outer Banks” actress Madelyn Clyne, but the DJ debunked the claims in January. During episode 61 of the “BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry” podcast, he said, “We’re not dating.” “We spend a lot of time together.”

Bia then clarified her platonic relationship with Clyne. Bia added, “It’s one of those things where we really like to hang out and go to dinner.” “However, because we’re just hanging out, we never officially started dating and probably never officially will stop.”

Who is Zack Bia?

Zack Bia is a 25-year-old professional DJ who is also a famous social media influencer. Surprisingly, Zack is a very close and dear friend of Drake, the very famous singer. Zack started out as an ordinary college student but eventually struggled a lot and became a famous Instagram influencer.

Zack has flushed cheeks, unkempt facial hair, and a mask-like look. He dated Instagram celebrities, including Madison Beer and Sarah Snyder. Bia recently told Complex how the early hype of her parties has benefited rappers. When Sheck originally signed with Interscope, my friends who worked there said, “Yo, you were doing so much grassroots work for us.”

According to the musician, “good evenings with DJs make it possible to break songs”. A businessman, a skateboarder, an actress, an aspiring musician and a well-known musician are all united by music. And we always found the best new acts early.

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