Who is Tobias Harris’ girlfriend? love life explored

As love blooms in the air, NBA star Tobias Harris finally married his longtime fiancée, Jasmine, making it one of his greatest years yet. Now that the offseason has arrived, basketball has lost its importance. Philadelphia’s Tobias Harris won’t be playing any sports this summer, but love has been in the air since he recently tied the knot with his fiancée.

On August 6, 2022, Harris revealed via a Twitter post that they were getting married. Let’s learn more about Tobias Harris’ new wife, Jasmine Winton.

Who is Tobias Harris’ girlfriend, Jasmine Winton?

Jasmine Winton is 31 years old. Her birthday is September 26 and she is a Libra. Winton is a very reserved person who doesn’t even have a social media profile. From what we know of her, it seems like she’s not relishing fame and spotlighting her love interest.

How the couple started to get along – Tobias Harris and Jasmine Winton?

The couple allegedly went on a blind date while they were members of the Detroit Pistons between 2016 and 2018, according to La Jolla Light. They bought a house in San Diego after falling in love there. That’s why Harris chose La Jolla to propose to Jasmine Winton.

He had apparently planned to pop the question while on vacation, but those were derailed by the COVID-19 outbreak. So, after the turbulent pandemic ended, he finally proposed to his best friend in 2020. This year, the lovebirds finally got married and exchanged vows.

How did their relationship turn into a marriage?

Tobias Harris thought back to his first meeting with Jasmine Winton. “I was like, ‘I like this person, she’s cool.'” It was very clear that they weren’t love at first sight and that they were just great pals at first.

“But over time, I just knew and saw this calmness in her that allowed me to understand like where she came from, who she is,” Harris said. “I grew up very sheltered in my life. So when I met her, we kind of hit it off and we had a good vibe just for our relationship.

On Instagram, the NBA star posted, “As I sit here on this plane and reflect on the wedding we just had, all I can do is smile. It was really the best day of my life!To be in the presence of so many people celebrating our love, I am at a loss for words how special this moment was.Tobias Harris is a lucky man.

What is Jasmine Winton’s profession and net worth?

Jasmine Winton is passionate about real estate and ad tech. Winton, who holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State University, is currently employed by LG Ads as a Senior Customer Success Manager.

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