Who is behind the ads for the COVID-19 vaccine on dating apps?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — You’ve probably seen the ads on Facebook and Twitter, you may have received a text message from Austin Public Health, and you may even have received a physical letter in the mail.

Now APH is tapping into an advertising opportunity they hope you won’t miss. The new medium, dating apps. The message — get up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As people start to think about dating and getting back into the real world and in person, this is a great opportunity to remind everyone to get vaccinated too,” said Chris Crookham, program manager of vaccination for HPA.

These additions include catchy phrases like “push for vaxx” or the less PG version, “get yourself waxed and vaxxed”.

“Anything that may appeal to people, but really the message is to get vaccinated to protect yourself,” Crookham said. You might see ads on Tinder, Grindr, or other popular dating apps.

Austin Public Health has launched a dating app campaign to get more young people vaccinated against COVID-19 (KXAN Photo/Christian Marcelli)

Dating apps allow advertisers to geotag, so APH can target Austin residents. Some of these apps can also target certain age groups and populations.

In this case, APH said they were trying to target the unvaccinated younger population. According to data presented Tuesday by director Adrienne Sturrup, less than half of the population aged 16 to 49 who are fully vaccinated have followed up with a booster or third dose of vaccine.

“They’re going to go out more, they can socialize more. And so we just want to make sure he’s protected as well as possible,” Crookham said.

APH hopes that the only thing you will catch as you begin to return to a normal love life is the love bug.

“We just try to be able to answer the questions, to make it a topic of conversation. And maybe when you’re on dating sites, you know, you can ask a potential partner if they’ve been vaccinated.

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