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As we head into the summer months when we start showing you the Muggy Meter more often, it’s worth discussing what feels damp and what feels nice.

We’ve set up our Muggy Meter to show you the dew points and how the air feels at each of these levels. Dew point is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air, and it is measured in degrees like temperature. Literally, dew point means “at what temperature will dew form given the amount of moisture present in the air at the moment”.

Thursday afternoon (and Wednesday, for that matter), dew points were in the low 60s in our communities. It won’t look like the wettest day you’ve ever had, but it’s definitely noticeable. (FYI, these numbers will drop on Friday and Saturday)


On our Muggy Meter, any dew point below 60º should be quite comfortable. Once the dew points hit 60 degrees you’ll start to notice it and you might say something like “it’s a little more humid today”. By the time the dew points hit the upper 60s, it’s really noticeable. Now humidity is a topic of conversation and you probably say things like “it’s humid outside” or “the air is sticky today”. When the dew point climbs above 70, you’re probably using words like “miserable” or “oppressive.” At this point, we went from “just a little uncomfortable” and headed to “I don’t want to be out in this”.

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