Valkyrae is afraid fans will try to find her on dating apps

Valkyrae expresses concern about sharing her dating experiences with her cat, fearing that fans will try to find her on dating apps.

With the advent of streaming seeing many Twitch and YouTube talents become celebrities, many streamers find themselves in the public eye more than ever. While some creators like Mizkif have opened up about their personal lives and connected with their audiences, privacy has long been an issue on streaming platforms. Doxxing and, in the most serious cases, swatting has become a real problem that some unfortunate creators have had to deal with throughout their careers and, for some like Valkyrae, their position as streamers has led to some discomfort when they discuss their personal life.


Like many top streamers, Valkyrae has been no stranger to harassment from fans and haters alike throughout her career as one of Twitch and YouTube’s top talents. Valkyrae was at the center of a high-profile controversy surrounding her RFLCT line of skincare products earlier this year, even confirming that she was seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma. Now, a recent discussion on one of his streams expressed concerns about his love life being shared.

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During a recent stream where Valkyrae was talking about some of her dating stories, the popular streamer addressed her own dating concerns as a content creator. Valkyrae confirmed that she was “reluctant to talk about her experiences with dating apps” due to concerns that some of her most zealous fans would try to find her on dating apps. She was quick to point out that she hadn’t specified which dating app she personally used and wouldn’t reveal that information, even jokingly considering deleting her account.

Valkyrae wouldn’t be the first streamer to share these concerns about her personal life being overexposed to her fans as others have experienced similar issues. Pokimane shared a story earlier this year of a real-life encounter with two weird fans and others like Alinity had similar issues with obsessive followers. While the concerns expressed by Valkyrae were very real, she played off her concerns in a more playful way with some members of her chat by joking that the mystery dating app she uses might be Grindr.

The massive popularity of many Twitch and YouTube streamers has seen many of the platforms’ biggest creators expand their reach outside of the streaming space. Dr. Disrespect recently made an appearance in the annual NFL Draft, making a selection for the San Francisco 49ers, and the return of gaming TV network G4TV featured several popular streamers. Content creator privacy will likely continue to be a concern for many of Twitch’s and YouTube’s biggest creators as the streaming industry continues to grow.

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