Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are they separated yet?

South African comedian Trevor Noah has reportedly broken up with his longtime girlfriend and American actress Minka Kelly. The couple who dated for two long years have decided to end their relationship. According to various sources, the couple broke up only a while ago instead of the personal differences arising in the relationship.

All the fans are completely disappointed with this news as their relationship has been described as serious. “They are making plans for the future together, and their relationship is incredibly stable. They had been bouncing between coasts over the past year and were looking for a place to call home in Los Angeles as a couple,” an additional confirmed. source.

Reason behind the breakup?

The cause of the breakup seems to be that Trevor and Minka just weren’t on the same page. The insider said, “She’s pretty dissatisfied. They were going in circles, always ending up in the same place. It was ineffective.” However, to think that the breakup comes as a mutual decision between Trevor and Noah would be wrong.

This is because the sources further testify that apparently Kelly has the most positive and happy attitude towards the breakup. The statement read, “Minka is now single and quite happy. She’d rather be alone than waste her time with the wrong guy.” It might be a relief for Minka and Trevor, but it’s not the same for their fans.

But this isn’t the first time Trevor and Kelly have broken up. Even exactly one year ago in May 2021, the couple broke up after dating for a year. But afterwards, they reunited and started dating again. So there are glimmers of hope for fans disappointed with this split.

How did Trevor and Minka meet?

In August 2020, fans first learned of her relationship with the Friday Night Lights actor. They had been seeing each other for “many months” and living together, according to a source who added that they were “getting serious”. While Trevor and Minka have been keeping their relationship a secret, they were spotted on the rare date night in January 2021, and a source has it!

The news was that they were “very much in love”. However, in May of that year it became known that the couple had broken up. Trevor and Minka were pictured vacationing in St. Barths just over a week later, indicating they were eager to give their romance another shot. They previously broke up and got back together, according to reports.

“They hope things will work out,” a source said! News at the time. “They’re just waiting to see where everything goes.” However, they are “doing things slowly,” according to an insider. According to the source, “Nothing between them is formal. They have fun together.”

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