Tinder’s “Swipe Night” Is Ready To Ramp Up Your Dating Game

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world and renders in-person dating obsolete, online dating giant Tinder has decided to take advantage of the growing demand for online events, adding a live interactive program for its base of global users. This addition would add a whole new dimension to the act of “finding your perfect match” and make it much more appealing to its younger users.

Tinder’s new event”sweep the nightis expected to hit the global market later this month. The dating app in its website announcement today revealed that this event will feature a three-part video series. This series of videos would be completely interactive in nature and contain many decisions that the user must make at crucial moments. So each one has a different ending.

Tinder also announced that the three-part video series will be made available to its global audience every Sunday, with the first episode arriving on September 12.
Following the trend set by Netflix’s hugely popular interactive anthology “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, Tinder’s Swipe Night would follow a similar first-person adventure story, which would require the user to make crucial decisions to determine the turn of the story. The decisions made would then associate the user with a potential partner.

This new event should be a welcome addition to the app as it appeals to a younger audience and allows the user to have another way to determine if an individual is a perfect match for the user. After the event, your choices will be saved for your profile, which can be viewed for potential matchmaking. Users can choose to hide it, if they wish. However, it would certainly make for an interesting way to “hit someone”.

Tinder is no stranger to adding new events to its app, with Spring Break Mode and Festival Mode being hugely popular among the masses. “Swipe Night” is on track to gain similar global popularity, as the global lockdown saw a 52% increase in messages sent through the app.

Tinder previously introduced “Swipe Night” only for its US users in October, where it was an instant hit. Commanding the organization to announce a second season in February.

The dating app giant reported a marked increase in matches and conversations within its app since the event was introduced for its US user base, up 26% and 12% respectively. Tinder expects the same result when the event is finally released for its global audience later this month.

The three-part interactive video series will be broadcast with local language subtitles for its users in countries including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.

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