This teacher’s students hilariously commented on her love life during a lesson in a viral TikTok

The conversation prompted a quick follow-up question from a student in the class, who asked the teacher “Why aren’t you a Mrs?”

“You know I’m not married,” Evans replied, evoking a series of “oohs” from the class.

However, one of the girls in the room tried to come to her defense.

“Why did you have to do it like that?” asked a student. “You know her situation.“

As Evans wondered what situation the girl might be referring to, chaos began to stir between the two students.

“And you’ll never be one, [a Mrs.]”, said the boy to his peer.

“Okay, see, first of all, I’m not even going to check on you right now because I know Mrs. Evans is going to give us a book to read.” So you might want to check it yourself, sir! replied the girl.

According to the teacher, her students “keep coming for me”. Thus, she was able to shed light on the whole situation.

Evans brought the student back for a follow-up video to ask him what “situation” he was referring to in his earlier conversation.

“Still looking for a man,” the girl replied.

When the teacher informs her that she, in fact, has a man, the girl didn’t seem too impressed.

“He’s fine or whatever, but will he marry you?” she asked, before entering Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Evans laughed at the moment but later scolded the girl, telling her to go read a book.

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