This is how I teach this to young men.

If you feel she’s not having a good conversation, back off and save your energy.

The days of sweeping everyone to the right are over.

Daily Limits ended the “basic bro” method of swiping right on every profile.

Unless you’ve paid for unlimited swipes (most guys don’t), you’ll burn most of them on women you’re not interested in.

Even if you buy premium access, swiping right on everyone is a false economy as your match list fills up with girls you have no interest in talking to.

And getting results from your precious scans takes time.

From every 100, you could get 20 matches. Of these, 10 can talk to you and five can end with a date.

Don’t splutter too long without meeting each other.

You can spend weeks texting with someone who seems like your dream partner.

Only to meet them for five minutes and realize they’re not for you.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to when to meet, but you’ll learn more about how you vibe with someone (and if they look like their photos) over a single coffee than over weeks of messaging.

Some guys think a lot of women use dating apps to get attention and don’t plan to meet anyone.

But it’s easy to figure out someone’s purpose by not taking too long to ask them for a drink or a coffee.

If they’re worried about meeting a stranger outside of an app, you won’t get anywhere in forcing them to meet.

Listen to The Quicky where the hosts discuss dating app phenomena. Posting continues after the podcast.

You will get a ghost.

She might leave you hanging during a conversation that seemed to be going well.

You can set a date that she does not confirm.

Until you meet someone and establish a relationship, you’re just a random guy from a dating app that isn’t their priority.

And if you’ve sent more than two unanswered messages, stop.

Throwing a tantrum will have you capturing and sharing screenshots.

The dates will be cancelled. Matches will disappear. Conversations will end halfway through.

But if you respond by acting like a clown, blowing up his phone, or sending dick pics; it won’t just be a game between you and her.

Chances are your antics will be captured and shared in a group chat or on a social media dating nightmares account.

To finish

I tell young men to consider dating apps as a tool, not a way of life. The worst thing they can do is become dependent on them and unable to strike up conversations with real people they find attractive.

But dating apps don’t mean young men can give up their social skills.

After meeting someone from an app, they should always have proper human interaction. Hope he likes it.

Max Radcliffe is a speaker on respectful relationships for young men. He works with young men to help them navigate intimate relationships, consent and self-respect, thereby enhancing the experiences of the women they interact with. Max also shares his advice for young men on Instagram: @

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