These conversation starters will take your online dating game to 100

Since your chances of finding boo in typical Nollywood boy-jams-girl-on-the-road-and-they-fall-in-love style are practically nil (because you’ll never leave your house), you You could also make sure your online dating game is watertight.

Add these conversation starters to your arsenal and thank me with anything – except puff-puff, ew.

“Let’s hate Nigeria together”

A mutual dislike for Nigeria + japa plans = Happily ever after.

“What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever received?”

It could be a fun way to start a conversation around weird opening lines, and you also get exposure on things they don’t want to hear. PS: This can only work if the recipient already likes you.

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“Send me your account number”

You must have seen it coming. What better way to get someone’s attention? But be careful o. If you try this without having money in your account, sorry is your name.

“If you could change cities, where would you go?

Bonus points if they live in Lagos, as they will definitely be traumatized and ready to unload all the ways the city kills them.

“Are you fuel? ‘Cause your type is hard to find”

Either they’ll find you funny and want to keep talking, or they’ll stream you endlessly.

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Obi or Tinubu?

Use this for those who put “sapiosexual” on their bio. They are the ones who crave stimulating conversation.

“I want to free you from capitalism”

It’s low-key to give “come and be a husband/housewife” but at this point in my life, even I’m open to that. Take care of me, darling.

“Wizkid’s Made in Lagos didn’t deserve album of the year”

Tell them the Headies made a mistake and they’ll either come down hard on you or agree with you. Either way, you’ll get a response and you can tell them how badly you want to suck face with them.

“Plantain is the bottom of the barrel”

Again, a terrible opinion but one that will get attention because they’ll want to know why you taste like such trash.

“I have a Canadian passport”

They are sure to respond with “Let’s get married”.

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