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More than half of Britons have had a holiday romance – with six in 10 of them so in love they’ve extended their getaway just to be with them a bit longer.

A study of 2,000 adults found that 73% of those who had an affair stayed in touch with that special someone after returning home.

While two in five have booked a trip hoping to find love – 30% taking a winger and 10% pursuing a romance alone.

Living in the moment (35%), being excited (31%) and being spontaneous (30%) were the top reasons the country loves vacation romance.

It also emerged that a beach break is the ideal type of holiday for finding love – as people feel more attractive (32%) and confident (28%) with a glowing tan.

Sex and intimacy expert Charlene Douglas has teamed up with sunscreen makers Piz Buin as part of her Get It On campaign.

The Married at First Sight star said: “There are certainly high hopes and expectations for this summer when it comes to love and intimacy.

“Not only have we been unable to take a vacation, but we have also been told to keep our distance, making it difficult for anyone looking to make a connection.

“Although restrictions have been easing for some time, the summer brings a new sense of confidence for many and a chance to put ourselves forward.

“And self-esteem is often higher when we enjoy a trip to an exciting or exotic place.”
Applying sunscreen is the new trend
The study also found that 38% of people in a relationship enjoyed a holiday romance while on a beach holiday – but it’s unclear if they’re still in the same relationship.

Six in 10 single adults have also met someone on a getaway, as have 71% of divorced people.

But for those hoping to find love, that may prove easier said than done, with “making a move” proving to be a daunting prospect for many.

Only one in 10 single adults would have the confidence to ask someone they find attractive to apply sunscreen to them.

But for those apprehensive, the study offers some suggestions on what not to do, with lack of enthusiasm (26%), cheesy chatter lines (24%) and socks and sandals (24%) among the top deviations.

Conducted via OnePoll, the research also found that hot weather also appears to have an impact on under-the-sheet habits, with a quarter saying they have more sex in the summer than at any other time of year.

While only eight percent get the most action in the spring.

Charlene Douglas added: “As you plan to spend time at the beach outside exposed to the elements, be sure to put on sunscreen to avoid sun damage and embarrassing sunburn, which could well destroy your chances of romance.

“If you’re spending time with an existing partner or want to connect with someone you’re dating, you may even consider applying sunscreen as a safe and appropriate way to incorporate intimacy and contact. in your time together.”
Top 10 annoyances
1. Socks and sandals
2. Questionable tan lines
3. Sunburn
4. Band branded t-shirts
5. Mosquito bites
6. Nerdy Chat Lines
7. Lack of enthusiasm in their nature – glass half empty
8. Doesn’t seem to be interested in what their possible date has to say
9. Someone who talks too much
10. Smokers

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