The Demons In This Doom Dating Game Are More Kissable Than Killable

Rumbling Space Marines aren’t the only problem a hapless zombie has to deal with these days. After all, it’s the Icon of Sin festival tomorrow, and you don’t even have a date! Can you woo the demon of your dreams, or will Cyberdemon and his Hell Knight henchmen get you out of this unholy high school party?

Released last week and brought to our attention by Waypoint (opens in a new tab), David Cooper’s Doomed Love is a charming visual novel set in the underworld of Doom. With the untraceable Doomguy, you’ll be busy trying to win the unbeatable hearts of four utterly lovable demons.

Rather than the intense beasts of Doom Eternal, Cooper’s underworld is goofy, anxious, and lovable. In a particularly brilliant opening line, your character reassures a stressed Cacodemon by saying “There’s going to be plenty of demons there already, we don’t need to bring our personal demons too.”

I also can’t get around the fact that Doomed Love’s art is adorable. Growling sprites have been redesigned as sweet, watercolor friends, with a midi soundtrack that reworks the original Doom’s crunchy audio barks into pleasing piano melodies.

There are four endings to achieve (presumably one for each date, plus a special fifth ending), and Cooper promises there’s absolutely no gore or violence anywhere, just wholesome demonic encounters. Doomed Love is free to play at Itch (opens in a new tab).

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