The Dating Game: Single Parent Edition

Dating is difficult. Online dating is even harder. Online dating as a single parent? Almost impossible. But it’s not all bad news. The attitude towards online dating in India has changed significantly.

In a recent study published in the Indian Journal of Health, Sexuality and Culture, 90% of participants responded positively to online dating. And a large majority were looking for stable, long-term relationships.

However, a recent survey by dating app QuackQuack also showed that the percentage of single parents willing to date is less than half. This statistic looks grimmer if you consider that the respondents were between 28 and 38 years old.

“Non-judgmental companionship is the dream. But as a single woman, people on dating apps assume you’re looking for someone younger,” said Preeti, a marketing professional in her 30s who works in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Talking about the pitfalls of dating as a single mom, she said the stigma young single moms face is a big reason they stay out of the dating scene.

Forty-one percent of single mothers surveyed confessed that they had refrained from acting out a crush because of their children. Almost an equal number said they were not dating due to societal judgment. They are afraid that small gossip will affect the way their children are treated at school or university.

“Preference goes to someone without children. There are already too many complications in romantic relationships as a single mother, another child is one more factor to worry about,” Preeti said.

The advent of dating apps has kind of changed that. But it has its fair share of problems. Bots and fake profiles are serious problems. People who have been out of the dating scene for a long time are easier targets for these scammers. Single parents on dating apps aren’t looking for a fun date; they are looking for company. And while younger people can easily overlook these fake profiles, being solicited can very quickly stop someone from taking their first steps into online dating.

Vivek, an IT professional working remotely from Ranchi, illustrates how frustrating dating in a Tier 2 city can be.

“Living in Ranchi as a recently divorced man with a six-year-old, you don’t see a lot of people like you,” Vivek said. “Due to intense social stigma, meeting someone in person is totally out of the question. Divorce is rare in a small town, and combined with judging neighbors, meeting someone in person is nearly impossible. .

Half of single parents polled in the QuackQuack survey admitted to facing judgment from friends, family and, most importantly, their children. In addition, the fear of being rejected by potential partners is very strong. This is especially true for single fathers. Thirty-two percent of men surveyed said they had been rejected because they had children. There is an instant minimum level of engagement when a child is involved. Combined with the lack of spontaneity, this level of commitment makes children a decisive element for many people.

But the scene has improved. Of those surveyed, the 40% who kept space to themselves and went on dates reported positive experiences. Once the initial fear and discomfort has passed, the children become united and a new breath of life can be available. Letting yourself be an individual is better for you, but it might also be better for the kids.

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