‘The Dating Game’ is coming to Bellevue | A&E

Are you tired of swiping right and chatting away for weeks, only to meet in real life and find out it was all a big waste of time?

Margaret Elizabeth Spencer of Woodinville is passionate about changing the dating game in the North West. She’s starting DeFrost Dating, a new singles club where every member will be vetted and vetted. She hopes to make dating safer, easier and more rewarding.

And on February 22, she hosts a new version of this old game show The dating game at Maggiano in Bellevue to launch his new dating club. Local celebrities, including former ABC contestant Breanne Rice The single person, will be one of the candidates looking for love.

The event will also feature other entertainment for attendees, including a comedy act, magician, saxophone player, instructor leading a line dancing group and a free dance party. There will be cocktails and appetizers.

Singles and couples are invited to come and learn more about DeFrost Dating for this launch event and have a classy date night. The event starts at 5:30 p.m., but at 9 p.m. the dance floor is reserved for singles. (Good luck!)

“This company means the world to me,” Spencer said. “I think it’s my calling to help other single people like me find relationships in these difficult times.”

Tickets cost between $69 and $159; Catch them here.

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