The Best+ LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

Android has plenty of brilliant apps for all purposes, and LGBTQ+ dating is no exception. There’s a wide range of options, many of which go beyond the standard swipe method to match. Some offer fantastic community platforms, so you can find friends or events in the same app.

We’ve put together a list of the best LGBTQ+ dating apps available. Most of these apps are dedicated to a specific group, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in a community of like-minded people.


HER is a place for queer, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming women. Over five million people use HER, so you’re bound to make brand new connections. Creating a biography in the app is a step-by-step process, where you can answer a series of questions ranging from your diet to your pronouns. It also provides a space where you can expand on your sex and gender, so you don’t have to limit yourself to a simple checkbox. Beyond the dating features, HER also offers a community section, where you can hang out and chat with people with similar interests and hobbies.

HER offers advanced features through its paid HER Premium subscription. It costs $15 a month and lets you see who’s online, use additional features, and turn on incognito mode so no one can see you unless you like them first.


SCRUFF is a dating app for gay, bi, trans and queer men. It has a community of over fifteen million users, but just like many popular dating apps, it has a problem with fake profiles. Don’t let that put you off, it’s more than just a dating app. SCRUFF has a guide to LGBTQ+ events in person and online. If you attend an event in person, you can find other people also going there and meet in a safe space. Its travel features allow you to connect and chat with guys around the world.

If the free experience isn’t enough for you, upgrade to Scruff Pro. At $19.99 per month, it’s an expensive subscription, but you’ll unlock additional filters, unlimited messaging, the ability to disable ads and more.


Tser was created by transgender developers and is dedicated to providing a judgment-free environment for trans women and men. It has a fairly small user base compared to other apps, but you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in an inclusive community. Beyond texting with matches, Tser offers the ability to send voice messages for a more authentic connection. A Premium subscription costs $12.99 per month and will unlock additional features.

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Lex is a breath of fresh air for people who are tired of the sweeping game. It’s a place where non-binary, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and queer people can find their partner. Rather than prioritizing images, Lex encourages users to write short ads about what you’re looking for. You can then browse the profiles and contact those that interest you. You can filter posts by keywords, so you can use Lex to find a new reading buddy or filter out anyone who doesn’t like hiking.


Grindr has been around since 2009 for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. It offers a traditional dating app experience, so you’ll be offered a series of profiles to swipe through. Grindr will show you potential matches in your area, and you can save a match for later if you’re not sure. Although it advertises itself as a place for the entire LGBTQ+ community, Grindr’s primary audience in many cities still consists of queer, bisexual, and gay men.

Grindr offers a paid tier, Grindr XTRA. It costs $20 per month, which lets you remove ads, enable additional features, send multiple photos at once, and more.


Hornet has a user base of over thirty-five million people, making it one of the largest LGBTQ+ dating apps available. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary and queer people are welcome here. Hornet is both a dating app and a social network; users can create posts, join groups and discover events. Connect with people by liking or commenting on their post, or sending a direct message. It’s an app designed for community involvement, so if you’re looking for casual hookups, you might be better off elsewhere.

Hornet’s paid subscription is relatively cheap for a dating app. For $10 a month, all ads will be removed and you’ll unlock additional features like read receipts and the ability to see more people at once.


Surge, like Grindr, is a place for gay, bi, trans, and queer men to connect. You’ll connect with people by swiping, and only people you match with will be able to message you. You can also send a powerful message to make sure people see your message before they swipe. Although it’s pretty straightforward for a dating app, it offers a number of useful features. You can send temporary photos and change past decisions. However, a limited number of scans per day can be frustrating.

Surge’s premium features can be unlocked for $7/month. This will enable a ton of useful features, like the ability to upload photos that can only be seen by your match, unlimited swipes, and advanced filters.

Find the dating app that’s right for you

Before you download any, it’s worth taking the time to research the different LGBTQ+ dating apps available. Each app has its own special features that are meaningful to different communities. Once you’ve had a few dates, why not hang out and watch one of the best movies from queer filmmakers?

If none of these apps seem like the perfect fit, you might want to try one of the best dating apps with LGBTQ+ inclusive features.

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