“Sugar” dating apps are banned on the Play Store, but not Tinder

There are many dating apps available on the Google Play Store. You’ve probably heard of or even tried a few. Some of the better known names are Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble. Recently, Google made changes to the “inappropriate content” policy to ban so-called “compensation for sexual relations” applications.

A few dating apps on the Play Store, such as Elite, Seeking Arrangement, and Spoil, are considered sweet dating apps. What does it mean? We all know what a Sugar Daddy is, don’t we? A wealthy, sometimes older man dating a younger beautiful woman and offering her expensive items or money. However, sugar dating isn’t just for sugar daddies. There are also sugar moms and even non-binary individuals who prefer the term sugar.

Google does not support these Android apps in the Play Store. The process starts slowly with the policy mentioned above, which means that these apps fall under the “inappropriate content” policy. With these changes in place, all sugar dating apps will be removed from the Play Store by September 2021.

However, it would appear that Google’s changes to its policies are too selective as it doesn’t look like Android apps like Tinder are in the crosshairs, although it is entirely possible for an attractive person on Tinder to receive some form of encounter arrangement with sugar. through the app.

This policy appears to be a way for Google to crack down on apps that explicitly market themselves as sugar dating apps according to industry standards. It should be noted that Apple already has such a policy on its App Store.

Closing words

The recent policy change banning all dating apps with sugar on the Play Store could be seen by many as the right thing to do. However, the policy is still quite vague and still leaves a lot of applications that could also be used to find mutually beneficial relationships. Either way, if you were looking for such a relationship, you might want to consider loading sugar dating apps from other sources.


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“Sugar” dating apps are banned on the Play Store, but not Tinder

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Google opposes sweet dating apps, but will it apply the policy to these types of apps?




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