Spotify gets into the dating game with two new music matchmaking apps

Spotify takes social music to the romantic level with two new apps that match users with potential romantic partners based on their musical tastes. Apps, Taste buds and Felidyeach takes a slightly different approach, but both help users connect with new friends and potential dates based on favorite artists, most-streamed music, and their Spotify playlists.

The applications launched today are:

Fellody_SpotifyAppFelidy – Drag and drop Spotify playlists into the app to find potential friends and love interests with the highest match rate. Instantly flirt or browse your match likes to discover new music. (shown at right, click image to enlarge)

Taste buds – The app will match users to find a potential partner based on the artists they have listened to most on Spotify and their collection of playlists. The app filters matches by gender, age, and location, and real-time message matches. To help arrange an offline meetup, users can add shows to their tracker with the Songkick Spotify gig app.

While finding new partners on Spotify may not be for everyone, loan sharks need to install the apps to get into the dating game. And “music taste is one of the most common topics of conversation when meeting someone, whether it’s a date or just a new friend,” says Sten. Garmark, Director of Platform at Spotify.

Both app makers claim that music-based matchmaking really works. “43% of first messages get a response on,” according to co-founder Alex Parish, “a much higher response rate than non-music dating sites.” Jokes Robin Simon, co-founder of the Fellody app, “We are very happy to welcome all Spotify users to Fellody, where they could have more groupies with their musical tastes than Robbie Williams in the 90s.”

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