“Siblings or Dating?” The game is more fun than your last Tinder date

Go out together is such a drag – especially right now, in the midst of the pandemic, when the whole process is mostly long video call conversations. While you can spend your free time browsing through edited photos that barely look like the person who posted them on a dating app, there’s a much better way to pass the quarantine time. It’s a instagram game called “Brothers and sisters or encounters? »

The principle is simple: the popular account @siblingsordating posts a photo featuring two people who look like they really like each other…and also kinda bond? Then you have to decide if they are actually siblings or if they are dating. Click on the second image to see if you are right or wrong.

What makes this game difficult is that people seem to choose partners that they look like – that, or siblings love each other so much that they seem like they could be in a romantic relationship. We tried 10 just to see what we did… and only got two.

So until you have a really hot date (and if you’re following social distancing guidelines, let’s be honest: it could be months), have fun with this spooky but utterly irresistible kind of game. There are enough photos on the account to last a good while.

We’re just waiting for the day when the game fools us all and posts a photo of some siblings in Alabama dating. Talk about the ultimate “gotcha!”

Cover photo: Instagram


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