Shirtless men on dating apps are unattractive, sluts: study

Looking to let off steam on dating apps, guys?

Put on a shirt.

Researchers at the University of Colorado recently found that men who fill their Tinder profiles with shirtless photos are seen as less competent and more promiscuous.

All 567 study participants saw fake profiles of a young adult white man named “Noah”. His images and descriptions varied on three factors: relationship motivation, muscular build, and sexualized appearance.

For example, some versions of Noah were buff – and some not so much. Some wrote that they were looking for casual sex while others wanted something serious.

And, of course, some were shirtless and some wore white T-shirts.

Although results varied between men and women, all three dimensions—relationship motivation, muscularity, and sexualized appearance—affected people’s perceptions of Noah.

Women rated the fake topless as higher in risky sexual behavior – and also lower in social attractiveness and competence.

Researchers say guys who fill Tinder profiles with shirtless photos are seen less well than those who wear them.

The men somewhat agreed but didn’t think the fake shirtless was any less competent.

When Noah said he was looking for casual sex, all participants rated him as having higher risk and less proficient sexual behavior.

Everyone found the muscular version of Noah the most attractive, but men saw the physique as higher in risky sexual behavior.

“The current findings indicate that a man’s sexualized self-presentation on a dating profile, even on an app known as a dating site, elicits a diminished perception of his competence and a greater perception that he engages in risky sexual behavior,” the researchers. wrote.

“A sexualized self-introduction on a Tinder profile may not be the best self-introduction choice for men who want to make a positive impression on women,” they advised single men.

Need to do some serious remodeling on your profile now? Tinder offers some advice on its website:

“Upload photos to Tinder that show who everyone else came to see: you! Ditch your friends, because it’s not about them, and take off the sunglasses, because they hide your face.

“The best photos are sharp, and some say a smile goes a long way here.”

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