Sharna Burgess Blogs Britney ‘DWTS’ Week with Brian Austin Green


Sharna burgess, who is currently appearing in season 30 of Dancing with the Stars with her real-life boyfriend Brian Austin Green, fails Britney spears week exclusively with Us Weekly.

On this week’s biggest challenge:
We really wanted to give a good technical tango with a lot of content even though our song, “Till the World Ends”, was not really a traditional tango feel. Britney’s music is epic and I think the sexiest Latin styles match her sound better. And of course dancing to a Britney is amazing, so having a party dedicated to her was epic. We wanted to pay tribute to him and also be faithful to our style of dancing. The song was selected for us and I was really happy with it. She was so successful that there was no doubt that whatever we got I would love.

Not to have Brian’s posters on his wall:
I did not watch Beverly Hills, 90210, but I really want to! Fans often send me clips of Brian on the show and he’s so adorable.

On how the show brought them together:
This show is known to create amazing connections between partners, so it is, for sure, a deep bonding experience for us. We are really learning how we deal with pressure together, how we face adversity with each other and I think that while our communication is already amazing, it is still improving. We had to have times to share how we feel when it gets tough so that we can fix it together. We make sure that nothing in the studio affects our relationship at home. These two things are separate and it takes work to maintain.

On the hardest part of working together:
Our biggest challenge has been to find the balance. This experience and this journey really occupies your whole life for three months. It’s easy to get obsessed with it and the fact that we live together means we don’t have room to breathe unless we take it into account. Other couples may have a hard day of rehearsing and then have time to pull away and stabilize. But for us, we can’t get away from each other and we never want to, so we make sure the studio and the house never collide. Sometimes it’s hard not to take things personally, but communication is key and we both put our relationship first.

Double Disney night:
The night of our heroes is very romantic and sweet, very on the Disney nose. Our Villains Night is super fun and dramatic. Both dances excite me so much, I’m a huge Disney fan so I’m really living a dream this week.

Dancing with the stars Airs ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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