Shaquille O’Neal finally breaks the silence on ex-wife Shaunie’s love life: ‘I want her…’

Shaquille O’Neal lived a happy life, most of the time. But he’s also been through his fair share of tragedies. His first wife, Shaunie, left him due to irreconcilable differences. The ex-player blames himself and his actions. He has often admitted his guilt on podcasts, including his own.

Recently, his ex-wife Shaunie remarried a pastor named Keion Johnson. He wished her good luck in this relationship. On his podcast, he said she could have dated other men if it made her happy. That’s a very weighty admission, knowing Shaq’s story.

The player is still friends with his ex-wife. He chose to maintain the relationship with her and they still care for their children together. Shaq also opened up about rapper Trick Daddy’s statements about his ex-wife, Joyce Young.


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He hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet but checks Joyce’s dates. The rapper is okay with having “boyfriends or husbands-in-law.” On the contrary, a divorce is just a big no-no for him until he is married to his current partner. This news upset Shaq and silenced him for a few minutes. Later he thought that was weird and something he wouldn’t do.


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Shaq also said, “I want her to be happy. So if she wants to date someone, make sure you go.

Shaquille O’Neal isn’t worried about his wife moving on


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Shaquille O’Neal was not at all uncertain about his wife’s life. O’Neal had mentioned that he was lost after everything broke. He said it was one of his biggest regrets in his life. Shaq hasn’t revealed the details, but he assumes he’s the culprit.

He called Keion Johnson, “a handsome young man” and was very happy that she was remarrying. They still share a great relationship as co-parents and friends. This was seen in their sons and daughters who embody their values.


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Will he also remarry? Who knows? Only time can tell. What did you think of the statements made by Trick Daddy? Let us know in the comments below!

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