San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 7 Live Blog

SANTA CLARA – This is the live blog from the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 7 game against the Indianapolis Colts. I will update this frequently with news and analysis from the press box.

3:14 It’s not raining hard outside, it’s a light drizzle. If this continues, the 49ers should win comfortably. But the more it rains and the more it rains, the more difficult this game will be. The Colts’ weakness in defense is their secondary. If it rains, the 49ers won’t be able to pitch the pitch and attack this weakness. If it rains, the 49ers will be able to launch the field more easily.

Somehow, the 49ers have to find ways to pass the ball to Deebo Samuel as much as possible. It’s the whole offensive. So if it’s just drizzle, throw it at him. If there’s a torrential downpour, put it in the backfield and hand it to him. There is absolutely no way the 49ers can let the rain get Samuel out of the game. They have to make easy touches for him – call them layups. Because the more it rains, the more the two teams will have to run the ball. And Colts running back Jonathan Taylor is better than 49ers running back Elijah Mitchell. So use Samuel in the running back rotation.

And give Brandon Aiyuk the creepy ball, too. The 49ers must involve someone other than Samuel in the offense, and George Kittle is still in IR. So Aiyuk has to get targets.

3:55 Here are the inactive 49ers:

Trey Lance

Travis Benjamin

Ambry thomas

Deomodore Lenoir

Trent williams

Maurice hurst

Javon kinlaw

That means rookie goaltender Aaron Banks, the 49ers’ second-round pick, is active for the first time in his career.

4:03 Here are the inactive Colts:

Ty hilton

Sam ehlinger

Jordan wilkins

Roche Ya-Sin

Kemoko Turay

Braden smith

Will fries

The fact that Hilton is not playing will hurt Indianapolis, but All Pro goalie Quenton Nelson will be making his return from the reserve injured list, which is not good news for the 49ers.

4:47 It’s raining very hard.

5:20 Colts win the toss and choose to defer. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.


5:28 At 1st and 10th of the Colts 14, Elijah Mitchell runs into the end zone for the touchdown. He ran 6 times for 57 yards on that ride. Excellent first ride from Kyle Shanahan. It had been a long time since I had been able to write this. He runs the racing game without Trent Williams, George Kittle, and Raheem Mostert. Impressive.

5:29 Joey Slye is missing the extra point.

49ers 6, Colts 0.

5:33 In the Colts’ opener in the scrum, running back Jonathan Taylor fumbles and Fred Warner recovers at Indy 28. Josh Norman knocked the ball out.

5:37 In 3rd and 10th Colts 16, Jimmy Garoppolo jostles to his right and throws an incomplete pass intended for JaMycal Hasty in the end zone. Next, Slye made a 34-yard field goal. The race was working, then Shanahan called three consecutive passes that didn’t gain any yards. Difficult to understand.

49ers 9, Colts 0.

5:46 3rd and 11th on Colts 24, Josh Norman commits pass interference and then gives up a 57-yard strike to Michael Pittman. Three games later 3rd and 2nd of the 49ers 11, Norman gives up a touchdown to Mo Alie-Cox. Ouch. Looks like the Colts have found the 49ers’ weakest link.

49ers 9, Colts 7.

5h54 3rd and 5th of Colts 37, Garoppolo throws an incomplete pass intended for JaMycal Hasty. The 49ers moved the ball into Colts territory with a 28-yard goal for Deebo Samuel.

5:55 Slye had a field goal for 56 yards.

49ers 12, Colts 7.

6:05 At the 1st and goal of the 2, Carson Wentz throws a shovel pass directly to Azeez Al-Shaair, who intercepts it and he sends it back to the 49ers 19. Huge game. What was Wentz thinking?

6:07 The 49ers call two assists and come out three and come out. Such a missed opportunity.

6:13 3rd and 12th of 49ers 44, Carson Wentz throws a pass that hits Emmanuel Moseley in the chest, but he can’t catch it. He dropped two potential picks on this series. The Colts’ punt. The 49ers take over at their 10.

6:18 The 49ers call three straight races and come out three and come out. It looks like the Colts are adjusting to the 49ers’ misdirection racing game that was so effective in the first quarter.

6:21 In the 3rd and 7th of the Colts 21, Wentz throws deeply towards a wide open Nyheim Hines, but he drops the ball. It would have been a touchdown. Huge break for the 49ers.

6:27 On the 3rd and 8th of the 49ers 22, Garoppolo knocks down an open Ross Dwelley, and the 49ers take out three and come out. Throwing horrible. Ball of the Colts in their 30 years.

6:32 In the 3rd and 5th, Wentz completes a screen to Taylor who loses a meter. The rain is intensifying and the game is getting more and more ugly by the minute. Wentz missed the snap on the first try.

6:35 The 3rd and 12th, Garoppolo completes a pass to Samuel, who gropes and the Colts recover from the 49ers 28. Terrible.

6:44 Emmanuel Moseley commits a passing interference in the end zone. Three games later on the third and the 1’s goal, Wentz ran into the end zone for the touchdown. The Colts want two, but Josh Norman breaks Wentz’s pass.

49ers 12, Colts 13.

6:46 Fans boo the 49ers as they leave the pitch for halftime. Good for these fans.


7:15 In the 3rd and 4th of the 49ers 40, Al-Shaair tackles Marlon Mack without gain, and the Colts punt. The 49ers take over at their 10. Jimmy Garoppolo has only made 13 of his last 29 shots dating back to Week 4.

7:23 In the 3rd and 5th of the 49ers 41, Garoppolo is touched and fumbles and the Colts recover at San Francisco 33. Huge swing in the game.

7:28 Jaquiski Tartt commits a 39 yard pass interference penalty. Two games later, Taylor sneaks into the end zone for an easy touchdown. The 49ers could lose this game.

49ers 12, Colts 20.

7:36 On the 3rd and 19th, Garoppolo throws a one-yard pass to Hasty, and the 49ers get out three and come out.


7:43 The 3rd and 22nd of the Colts 33, Hines runs in the middle for 8 meters. Then the Colts kick the foot. The 49ers take over at their 30s.

7:46 Shanahan calls three consecutive game passes. The result: 29 yards for Samuel, 27 yards for Charlie Woerner, 14 yards for Samuel. It took Shanahan 7 weeks to rediscover the game action. Remarkable.

7:47 The 49ers aim for 2 and Garoppolo’s pass is pushed back.

49ers 18, Colts 20.

7:58 Jaquiski Tartt is absent with a knee injury.

7:58 On the 3rd and 12th of the 49ers 29s, Wentz completes a 5-yard pass to Taylor. Then the Colts put in a 42-yard field goal with 7:00 to go. The 49ers have two more timeouts.

49ers 18, Colts 23.

8:05 am 3rd and 3rd of the 49ers 38, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a peak.

8:12 On the 3rd and 10th of the 49ers 28, Dr. Kirkpatrick gave up a touchdown to Michael Pittman Jr. Kirkpatrick replaced Emmanuel Moseley who was injured during this training.

8:18 Garoppolo throws another pick for good measure and the 49ers will lose. Damn it. Stay tuned for their notes.

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