Ruumble, a revolutionary new dating game on an app, connects potential matches after asking AI-generated questions

It all starts with the first overview of everyone’s profiles. However, physical attraction is only the first step. The app shrinks and grabs the attention of the match with best-fit questions that really make users want to know more about each other.

There is a criterion in successful matches that lead to dates; The concept of the Ruumble app is based on this criterion. The model is physical attraction, good conversation, chemistry, relevance, security, humor, similar values, date focus, and curiosity.

Ruumble Q&A dating game contains all of this and starts when two users love each other. Through 4 timed rounds of focused questions, they get a better idea of ​​who they are matched with.

Through 4 rounds of Ruumble questions, applicants finally get to know the people they’ve been matched with. The game unlocks topics and activities that interest both.

After each round, users see the opponent’s response and then they can decide whether or not to quit or go further. Once the game is over, it seems natural to continue an ongoing conversation; both are curious and want more from each other.

As seen in the photos, Ruumble contains personal questions for people who love each other. The most important thing is to be honest so the app can help users find exactly the type of person they want to talk to.

“Ruumble can be considered a smart winger who understands the matchmaking needs of the user. warning signal in advance”, says Mathias Mønsted from Ruumble.

Ruumble offers the most personal and anonymous experience with any match. However, dishonesty can lead to bad experiences.

Ruumble values ​​honesty and shows its users the best potential matches possible. This means that users don’t have to tell much about themselves to anyone, only to the right people.

Imagine someone simply replies that they are looking for a serious relationship unintentionally because they think that sounds better. Ruumble will immediately work to find other like-minded people and match them automatically. This means that people can ONLY find the right matches if they are honest on the platform. Otherwise, meeting several people and not “clicking” with them can be quite tiring.

“Whereas before it paid to twist the truth a bit and be aggressive and could tolerate the most rejections on a dating app, it pays off on Ruumble, to be honest, and having social skills, since, on Ruumble , you are not rewarded for dishonesty and aggression, but rather you are rewarded on his set of values”, said Asger Lindholm of Ruumble.

On Rumble, women don’t feel aggressive and desperate even to make the first move, like they do on most dating platforms where most people just judge one by looks. Ruumble creates relevance and curiosity.

“According to our data, 71.8% of women take the first step. Ruumble is free, but women also make the majority of upgrades to Ruumble Prime,” says Charline, question maker at Ruumble.

Ruumble has already launched globally on the App Store and Google Play.

Those interested can download it for free from the following links:



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