Photos of cars and fish were voted the biggest rejections from dating apps

The biggest refusals on social networks

A dating app that matches people based on their musical preferences has discovered that certain profile pictures are extremely discouraging. POM polled 2,000 UK singles to reveal the best pictures that put off potential love interests.

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The top 5 most off-putting profile pictures:

  1. Posing with a car
  2. Pictures of fish (someone posing with a fish they caught)
  3. Heavily filtered images
  4. Take photos in the gym
  5. pout

Other profile photos included images covering half of someone’s face. Also, photos in a club or with endangered animals were not appreciated.

POM launched a fun activation in central London on Monday to celebrate Valentine’s Day for those who fly solo.

Looking at specific demographics, 92% of those who found the “car photos” unattractive were women. Moreover, taking pictures in the gym was also off-putting for women. More than half (56%) of respondents agreed that it would reduce the chances of continuing a relationship with someone.

By comparison, men were found to be particularly deterred by the use of “heavily filtered images” on social media, with almost three quarters (73%) agreeing it would deter them from someone.

The dating app’s investigation follows increased discussion of common ‘icks’ and red flags online. An “ick” being something that goes off when a person initially has a romantic interest in someone and a red flag being a warning sign of unwanted future behavior.

POM harnesses the “power of music” channeling it into an exciting and inclusive app to deliver authentic and meaningful connections based on a shared love of the same music.

Vihan Patel, Founder of POM, said: “We were intrigued to find out how much your profile can influence someone’s opinion of you.

Our goal at POM is to help our users find a match based on something deeper than just a picture. We’ve decided to show singles that dating is more than just looks or a bad car this Valentine’s Day and we can’t wait to show off our extravagant Hummer to all Londoners today!

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