Paws here! Dating apps for dogs and the perfect Valentine’s Day!

Meet Rocco Rinder!

With TV’s favorite legal eagle Robert Rinder as owner, French bulldog Rocco is ready to go wild

Forgive me, but I’m brief and… well, not so sweet in this column. While I appreciate that National Take Your Dog to Work Day doesn’t take place until June 24, while searching the web I spotted an entry on January 17, #bluemonday, from a man called Gaby Laifer .

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Mr Laifer was beaming on what is traditionally the most miserable Monday of the year because he took his dog to work.

“Just had the best day of my life taking Belle to work with me today,” Gaby wrote. “All the dogs in my company have been invited to the office.”

Gaby Laifer

From what I understand, Mr. Laifer is in marketing, which is much less rigid than rooms. But on January 17, if I remember correctly, a brisk walk and a pat on the head from the judge was the sum of my day, which left me feeling blue.

Of course, I didn’t bark anything, because I’m not aggressive. I just hope he remembers to cook me a shidduch on February 14, when love is in the dirty air. Someone cute, fluffy, and Jewish. Like Beautiful.

Till next time

Don’t forget your dog!

I love Rocco

Rob and his dog!

Take care of an animal

Rumor has it that Two By Two Veterinary Center in the heart of Finchley is where your dog, cat or hamster could fall in love. Over the past few months, several Siamese have met their eyes through the railings of their cat crates and the bunnies… well, you know how they are.

True to its name as a veterinary practice, Two By Two – is all about healing, so they’re more likely to recommend Malaseb shampoo for paw infections than Love Potion No 9.

Two by 2 veterinarian with a dog

But animals fall in love without any help from humans, as you’ll find out when watching the documentary Animals in Love, better known by its more racy French title, Les Animaux Amoureux. Directed by Laurent Charbonnier, it is an incredible visual exploration of how animals of all kinds experience love and intimacy in their natural environment. Available on YouTube, the music is by Philip Glass, who is considered one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century — and he’s Jewish.

For care, vaccinations and health checks visit or call
020 3865 8905

Take a Bow-Wow

Ricky Gervais

Series 3 of After Life by Ricky Gervais on Netflix has dog lovers among its fans due to the convincing performance of female German Shepherd Anti, who plays Tony’s (Ricky) dog Brandy. Although this is After Life’s last, Anti never wanted to be classified as a police dog, despite the praise for her work on Midsomer Murders, and she will soon be seen in upcoming Dungeons & Dragons and Sherwood.

Yap ap

You don’t want to meet someone new who doesn’t like your old dog. Therefore, it makes sense to look for someone who is not afraid of Bailey or Gucci sleeping on the bed. So start your search for a dog-loving companion on apps and websites with a four-legged focus. And do it fast, so your mom can see you under the chuppah.


Love at first.. bark.

America is a long way to go for a dog walk, but the echoes of Tinder are hard to resist. Created due to the huge popularity of dog ownership among single millennials in the United States, the app needs a little information about you and the rest about your dog. is a site to connect dog lovers across the UK. Register for free, create a profile and upload a photo, then start your search for the perfect Carlin owner.

Woofr is a new dog dating app where you can show off your Bichon Frizes and arrange dates for them. They also need excitement, but since most people in the community have something of Cava, be sure to bring home the right dog.


Perfect Valentine’s Day

Remember that pets don’t eat chocolate, so think outside the litter box and get them something kitsch you can love for Valentine’s Day on and the like. And, if the cat doesn’t like the scarf, it’s a jazzy mask substitute. Valentine’s Day Cat Box, from £13.99

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