Love life of American actress and producer Paula Patton, is she dating yet? Know her personal life and other interesting facts!

As of this writing, Paula Patton is no longer single. A new romance has emerged in the life of the actress, and she talks about it.

It was reported by Patton that she is no longer single, she is dating someone else.

She revealed to the ‘I Now Have a Boyfriend’ publication that she was dating a man. No one has ever been described as my boyfriend by me. “I love it!”

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When asked how long they had been together, Patton, 42, replied, “A month.” After a brief idyll, she admits to betting on this one because she has a presentiment of it.

dating paula patton

Sources reported that she is seen hanging out with a real estate agent named Zach Quittman who is already married to another woman.

Patton remarked, “But you know when you know”, as if to underscore his point. “I’m in love with him,” he replies.

Patton did not reveal that she was dating a single father, but she did reveal that they have a common interest in parenthood.

Watch dads in the stands at a basketball game, if you have kids. It’s a bit of a suburban love story. Patton explained, “He has kids, I have kids.” A “one of a kind” situation!

paula with boyfriend zach

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Co-parenting has been a great partnership for Robin Thicke and Lindsay Lohan since their 2015 divorce, despite being married for 10 years before the birth of their son Julian Fuego in April 2010.

Patton said, “To live in the present, you have to forgive.” It is now. That was then. Is there something to hold on to? There is absolutely nothing good to do if you do this to your children. “As much serenity and harmony as you can bring to their existence.”

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