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The high will continue to move away from our area throughout the day today and will allow more cloud cover to form this evening. This makes way for a cold police that will approach us from our northwest and bring light flurries for some of the area.

This front arrives Sunday morning in most of the region. This is part of what is called a clipper system. Hence the name, this will sort “cut” parts of the area.


Light snow moves quickly, especially during North and East of Louisville. As the front moves southeast, light flurries could reach Louisville.



The system goes in and out very quickly and won’t lag to provide much in terms of buildup.


When it comes to these accumulations, most will not see any snow accumulation at all. The areas most likely to see snow will accumulate in the northeast portion of our viewing area. Yet I have Louisville included in the white shaded area in case snow eventually reaches Jefferson County. This domain represents a dusting or if light snow accumulates.

snow totals.png

Again, areas further north and east of Louisville are more likely to see these snow showers than the Louisville area itself.

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