Labeling cities in southwest Michigan as dating apps

Dating apps have become a norm in life and have completely changed the dating game. Back then, you had to muster the confidence to approach someone, talk to them, and ask them out on a date. Now, with the invention and evolution of technology, this process has been made easier for lack of a better term. Finding someone to hang out with or spend a few hours with has become almost entirely digital.

The rise of dating apps has changed the culture around dating, and many believe it’s for the worse. Some of the recent dating apps have gone from finding a long-term companion to finding your next hookup partner. Hookup culture has saturated the dating pool, and apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Farmers Only are taking the industry by storm.

Disclaimer: This is all a joke and for fun and games none of these words should be taken seriously and should be read and taken for their comedic value. I literally couldn’t hold back as I pictured these towns in southwestern Michigan as dating apps.

Tinder Cities

Tinder has become known worldwide as the go-to dating app and is used by many adults to find a fun partner. Since it is primarily a hookup app, most users aren’t looking for relationships and instead want one or a few nights. Some healthy, lasting relationships have come from Tinder, but the odds are slim. Cities like Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids are most like Tinder in southwest Michigan.


Another popular dating app is Bumble, an app that has kind of gotten into the hookup culture vibe but still has quality chances of finding a relationship. This app is slightly different because most of the control is given to women when it comes to communication. After matching with someone on Bumble, the woman has 24 hours to message the man or nothing will come of the effort. Women feel more comfortable with bumble because of this, but they still like to have fun. Cities like Portage, Mattawan, South Haven, and Holland are the drones of southwestern Michigan.

Hinge Heaven

Hinge is like the crème de la crème when it comes to dating apps. Everyone knows you don’t jump on Hinge unless you’re looking for engagement and maybe tying a knot. Granted, not all other dating apps were on a mission to be a hookup culture app, but that was just the direction they were headed, Hinge stayed true to the game. Hinge users have strong intention to start a healthy long-term relationship and eventually get married. They are the most serious online dating players in the industry and what many imagined the whole industry to be. Places like St Joe, Stevensville, Marhsall and Richland fell straight from Hinge Heaven.

Farmer’s Only Unlike Christian Mingle

Farmer’s Only and Christian Mingle are a bit different when it comes to dating apps. I’m not 100% sure why users like to use the apps, but they are meant to bring together particularly interested people and help them find love. I’ve heard rumors that these apps aren’t all they seem, but who am I to know? From what I know about apps, Farmer’s Only looks like a hookup/dating app for farmers and country people, while Christian Mingle is an app used to say “I’ll see you after church on Sunday “lol. Towns like Paw Paw, Niles, Vicksburg, and Plainwell fall into Farmer’s Only. On the other hand, towns like Three Rivers, Schoolcraft and Lawton control Christian Mingle.

black people meet

Listen this one is self explanatory and is honestly one of the most intriguing to watch. Black People Meet is an online dating platform used to connect black individuals with each other in a search for black love. Somehow, this app has found a way to perfectly balance hookup culture with active research to this day. You find people who are only looking for one or the other, but many of them are looking for a partner to turn into a long-term romantic relationship. Towns like Benton Harbor, Albion, Dowagiac and all the larger towns in the area have Black People Meet jostling.

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