Kiss Fewer Frogs Speeds Up Any Woman”s Dating Game

TUCSON, Ariz., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Kiss Your Fiance Day. They say women have to kiss a few frogs to find Prince Charming, but Kiss fewer frogs: the secret to the fast track to the end of your fairy tale (Dudley Court Press, 2022) promises a happy alternative to this dismal prediction. This revolutionary new book by an international relations coach James Sheridan provides an entertaining and effective roadmap for women in today’s casual dating scene. With wit, warmth and surprising insights into what drives men, Sheridan guides readers to find not the perfect man – he doesn’t exist – but the man who is perfect for. she.

Now any woman, anywhere, can learn the secrets that have changed the love lives of thousands of women who have attended Sheridan’s seminars around the world or worked with him in relationship counseling in face-to-face. After two decades of research in psychology, science and the principles of compatibility and chemistry, Sheridan discovered that men generally belong to one of seven unique character types – and that any woman who knows what she wants will only be attracted to one or two of these types. these genres.

In Fuck less frogs, Sheridan identifies each type’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, dislikes and motivations and shares where a woman can find her chosen type and how to get her attention. After studying these descriptions, a woman can identify a man’s type within minutes of meeting him, allowing her to make better decisions and eliminate bad men quickly.

Bold, direct and full of concrete examples, Fuck less frogs is a fun and quick read. With new insights into relationships, women are discovering that every date doesn’t have to be a blind date. Sheridan’s approach offers insurance against heartache with practical topics rarely covered in similar books:

  • Rewritten encounter script for better focus and more control
  • The Six Common Traits Of Women That Constantly Attract Men
  • Tearing down the double myths of “perfect prince” and “it will change for me”
  • The power to appreciate your age, your body and your appearance as you are today
  • Tips on Writing Online Profiles to Attract Your Type of Man
  • Proven Icebreakers to Start Conversations in the Right Direction
  • Develop “Playdar”, your safety radar to avoid “players”

Fuck less frogs gives women new hope of finding a life partner while offering new perspectives based on reality rather than the vaporous dreams of fairy tales. The rewards go to the realist, Sheridan points out, and what could be more rewarding in life than true love?

On James Sheridan
Relationship coach for over 20 years and best-selling author The You Code: Your new life card hidden in your old genes, Sheridan is an international lecturer on relationships and personality theory. He lives in Orlando, Florida; his daughter inspired him to write Fuck less frogs.

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