King County Sheriff Dating Game: Today So Far

King County is courting three candidates for its new sheriff. Meet our three candidates for the badge.

Also, would you take a mental health trip? And by “trip,” I mean taking psilocybin.

This post originally appeared in KUOW’s Today’s newsletter so far for April 13, 2022.

Let’s play king county sheriff dating game. Each contestant wants to win King County’s heart, but only one will get the badge. Let’s meet our competitors. He is the police chief of Killeen, Texas, and says his main crime-fighting strategy is to go after repeat violent offenders. But he also says he is open to alternatives to incarceration. To meet Charles Kimble!

Our second contestant is a Major from the Atlanta Police Department in Georgia. He is into community-based policing and says he embraces de-escalation training and reviews of use-of-force incidents. say hello to Reginald Moorman!

Our latest contender has a local advantage, having been appointed to the position of acting sheriff in January. She has a penchant for running county departments. Prior to joining the sheriff’s office six years ago, she headed the office of labor relations and also headed the county’s law enforcement oversight office. To meet Patti Cole Tindall!

These are the three sheriff candidates King County is currently courting. There is a bit of overlap and some differences between them. For example, during a recent virtual press conference, the two strangers raised the issue of cameras. Kimble said he’s “surprised” King County isn’t using more body cameras and dash cams, and argued it’s hard to have “validity with your communities” without them. Moorman also touched on the subject, noting that he helped with the body camera program in Atlanta.

Cole-Tindall said that while morale is improving at the KCSO, staffing is the biggest hurdle right now. Kimble said staffing levels have been a big topic for many departments and police need to rethink the process of attracting new recruits.

Kimble and Moorman will come from outside the region and could bring a fresh perspective. However, Cole-Tindall comes to the sheriff’s office from a rather unique perspective, which has been more administrative and civilian-run. In fact, his law enforcement certificate has expired. If selected, she will have to retake the 19-week course at the police academy before officially taking up duty.

Learn more about the nominees and the two upcoming events they will be speaking at, here.

You may have heard of medicinal trends like microdosing to treat things like anxiety or depression, or even PTSD. But How about taking a full psychedelic trip as therapy?

Tony Back, an oncologist at the University of Washington, tells KUOW that he thinks psilocybin (the psychedelic compound found in “magic mushrooms”) could be a real cure for such illnesses. But instead of microdosing, Back initiated a study that gave a dose of psilocybin to healthcare workers suffering from burnout and depression. This would induce a “journey”. Two therapists would then spend four or more hours talking about the experience with the patients, helping them process their feelings.

Back says psilocybin acts like a reset button for the brain and disrupts negative thought processes.

How was this study carried out? Read more here.


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A line of about a dozen people passed buckets of summer chinook salmon to be released into Hangman Creek. Bringing the salmon back to the upper Columbia will take a lot of time and money, according to the Upper Columbia United Tribes. The tribes recently received $3 million from Washington’s supplementary budget — a big change that the tribes say will help launch the second phase of a decades-long study into salmon reintroduction. (Northwest Information Network)


King County is currently in the process of hiring and appointing a sheriff, after voters decided to stop electing someone for the job. But this isn’t the first time the King County sheriff has been named. King County has flip-flopped over the years when it comes to whether the sheriff should be elected or appointed.

In the 1880s, the region elected its first sheriff. In 1968, some changes occurred. The name of the department was changed to “King County Department of Public Safety” and its head became an appointed director. It changed its name again in the 1980s to the “King County Police Department”, but the highest position was still named.

But voters opted for another change in the 1990s and converted the role back into elected office. We also renamed the department to its current title of “King County Sheriff’s Office”. Since 1996, King County has elected its sheriff…until now. In 2020, voters returned to the polls and 56% of voters approved of returning the job of sheriff to a nomination. They kept the name though…for now.


Caption: This footage shows how the nucleus of comet C/2014 UN271 was isolated from a vast shell of dust and gas surrounding the solid, icy nucleus.  On the left is a photo of the comet taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 on January 8.  A model of the coma (middle panel) was obtained by fitting the surface brightness profile assembled from the observed image on the left.  .

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Hubble telescope confirms biggest comet nucleus ever seen by astronomers

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has confirmed the largest icy comet nucleus scientists have ever seen. The C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein) core is about 80 miles in diameter, which is larger than the state of Rhode Island, according to NASA. The comet’s nucleus is about 50 times larger than most comets and its mass is estimated at 500 trillion tons.


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