Kenan plans to get back into the dating game (VIDEO)

The widower Kenan (Kenan Thompson) could get away from his grief for a bit. In this exclusive Kenan preview of the March 16 episode, “Flipp’d”, he plans to wade into the dating pool, which admittedly scares everyone, let alone someone who has lost his wife well- loved.

In the clip above, Kenan, chatting with his brother, Gary (Chris Redd), reflects on his return to the world of romance. This decision is partly due to the encouragement of his colleague Mika (Kimre Lewis). “Maybe she’s right…maybe I should start thinking about dating again,” Kenan said unconvincingly to his brother.

Pulled from his video game trance, Gary turns to Kenan excitedly, ready for a good time. “Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for this day,” Gary gloated. “The smash brothers are back!”

“Nobody. I’m not talking about smashing,” Kenan tells him, explaining that it’s not about that, he’s thinking about something much more casual. sense of guilt,” Kenan said frankly to his brother.

Just then, stepdad Rick (Don Johnson) walks through the door with Kenan’s daughters Aubrey (Dani Lane) and Birdie (Dannah Lane) after a trip to get their nails done.

(Credit: BNC)

To see what turn the conversation takes next – Rick is very protective of the memory of his late daughter and grandchildren – take a look at the clip. You will also be able to see Kenan’s own finely tuned understanding of what to say in front of his daughters.

Will Kenan start dating and get Rick’s approval? We can’t wait to find out.

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