Kelly Clarkson allegedly followed her ex-husband’s love life and finances amid messy split, an unnamed source claims

East Kelly Clarkson hunt down Brandon Blackstock? A report indicates that the american idol The winner follows her ex-husband’s love life and finances. The gossip cop investigation.

“The Twisted Games of Kelly and Brandon”

According Way of life, Clarkson is watching Blackstock’s every move. While their divorce is finalized, she hasn’t let him go yet. “She has her informants telling her what’s going on with Brandon – who he’s dating, what he’s spending – and he also has snitches spying on Kelly,” a source reveals.

The two would both be super paranoid about each other. Blackstock recently asked Clarkson through the courts to turn off the security cameras at their Montana ranch for the remainder of his stay. An insider concludes: “Friends think they just need to move on because it’s not good for anyone.”

Has Kelly Clarkson evolved?

This story gets the basic facts of this story wrong. This is not “their” Montana Ranch. It’s Kelly Clarkson’s after all, since she won it in the divorce. Blackstock is allowed to rent it at a higher price until May. It’s kind of hard to move on when an ex is still living in your house.

Unless Blackstock tries some fun business again, that should be the end of this part of the saga. It’s true that Blackstock asked for the security cameras to be turned off, but the court documents don’t specify why he asked. This story also fails to mention that each camera in question was outside the property, not inside.

Way of life took that nugget of truth, the camera problem, and twisted it into a narrative about Clarkson desperately hunting down Blackstock. All Clarkson wanted to do for years was move on. After her divorce was finalized, a source said People, “Kelly is obviously happy that the divorce is finalized… She is really capable of starting the next chapter of her life with her children, and she is also busier than ever with her career. She’s in a great place.

The gossip cop don’t doubt it for a second. Even by Hollywood standards, it was a difficult divorce. It is absurd to suggest that Clarkson hired “informants” to track Blackstock’s every move. With no evidence beyond the unrelated temporary court motions, it’s just a load of hooey.

Clarkson bashing is constant

About a year ago, this seedy outlet claimed that Clarkson was stressed out about the divorce. It was a transparent attack on his body, before that, Way of life published a cover story about Clarkson regretting the divorce. Obviously, that wasn’t true, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken the case to court for two years.

We’ve also seen plenty of stories about Clarkson getting revenge on Blackstock by kicking him off a ranch where he wasn’t really allowed to live. It’s very odd that this tabloid is rushing to Blackstock’s side in all of this. As the father of his children, Clarkson can never be completely rid of Blackstock. Once June rolls around, however, he will leave Montana and that will no doubt make things easier.

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