Kate Beckinsale backs viral theory about Pete Davidson’s love life

Saturday Night Live star pete davidson has been linked to a number of super famous women over the years. After the news broke that he’s now hanging out with Kim Kardashianfans began to wonder, sometimes a bit nastily, about Davidson’s looks.

One theory, which presented a fairly obvious answer to people’s questions about Davidson’s draw, quickly went viral. “I love that every time Pete Davidson starts dating another handsome celeb everyone is like ‘wtf how did he do that what’s this mystery???’ and everyone refuses to consider the possibility that he has a good personality”, read a tweet of the writer Kristen Mulrooney.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that Kate Beckinsale, one of Davidson’s famous exes, co-signed this post. Many took this as a sign Underworld the actress agrees with the sentiment. Beckinsale and Davidson briefly met in 2019.

Kardashian and Davidson were first spotted together at Knott’s Berry Farm in California over the weekend. In some of the photos, which see them enjoying a few walks together, they can be seen holding hands. Since then, Kardashian has traveled to New York and even visited Davidson’s hometown Staten Island during her trip. In the space of a week, they hung out three times in two different states.

“Kim and Pete like each other,” a source says Entertainment tonight. “They’re trying to pretend they’re just friends, but it’s a bit more than that right now. They’re having a lot of fun together. Pete makes Kim laugh and makes her feel special. Pete is obviously thrilled and has a crush on Kim.

“Pete and Kim are having a great time together and having fun,” the source continued. “The two have recently been single and bonded over it.”

We’ll just have to see what happens next between these two.

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