Just Science podcast: Just research dating apps and violent sexual assault cases


An introductory note states that while working as a SANE, Dr. Valentine and colleagues identified an increase in sexual assault survivors reporting violent sexual assaults that occurred after meeting someone through a dating app. . They also determined that these violent sexual assaults involved higher rates of strangulation. His research team developed an extensive database of just over 8,000 sexual assault cases coded from sexual assault forensic examination records. About 250 variables were examined from these cases. In 2017, research focused on the characteristics of sexual assault in the context of dating app contacts. Sexual assaults on dating apps tended to happen upon first meeting in person. An analysis of data from 2017 to 2020 found 1,968 sexual assaults by acquaintances, 14% of which occurred during a first in-person meeting on a dating app. A third of victims were strangled and suffered more injuries than other sexual assault victims. Through dating apps, personas are created without going through any criminal background checks or security checks. This means that potential victims have the burden of self-protection. Potential legislative issues to counter this circumstance are discussed in the interview.

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