Is David Muir gay? Exploring the Love Life of ABC World News Tonight Anchor

David Muir is one of America’s top journalists and media personalities, popularly known as the host of “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir”. He is also recognized as co-anchor of ABC News magazine, 20/20.

Born in November 1973 in Syracuse, New York, Muir’s interest in news programming and journalism began to manifest at an early age. And he made sure to pursue his passion with the utmost determination and dedication.

His talent and skills in his field have earned him several Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards.

But what about his personal life? Here’s everything we know!

Muir’s personal life

The 48-year-old has always been extremely private about his personal life and is known to keep his life behind the curtains and out of his job.

Muir is known to be very close to his parents and that’s the one thing he doesn’t shy away from flaunting to the world, his relationship with his family. The journalist is also close to his siblings and often sees posts about their children on his own Instagram.

But aside from that, when it comes to his other personal and more intimate relationships, Muir fans are oblivious to it all as the news anchor likes to keep two major aspects of his life separate.

But we do know that Muir’s good looks and charming personality have made him one of the most eligible bachelors. In fact, in 2014, he was featured in People list of ‘sexiest men alive’.

Is Muir gay?

Muir has always been so private about his life behind his work that all his fans can do is speculate.

In 2014 and 2015, Muir was rumored to be seeing Gio Benetiz, one of the former’s colleagues, who is now open about his gayness. During this time, Benetiz was not openly gay, but was seen roaming the studio the most, when Muir was around, sparking rumors of something going on between the two. Muir and Benetiz also spent a lot of time together and were also spotted in gay bars on several occasions.

And although it was rumored that the couple were involved in a romantic relationship, neither of them confirmed and did not comment on it.

However, when Benetiz got engaged to her rumored boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, in 2015, he shut down rumors of her romance with Muir once and for all.

So, the mystery as to whether Muir is gay or not, continues to stand still, as the TV star has kept his life so personal, we don’t even know if he’s dating anyone or just dating. is married or happily single.

But we know better than to blindly believe rumors. So if Muir is truly gay, he will come out in public as he feels he is ready to let people into his private life.

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