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sell sunset is technically about high-end real estate in Los Angeles, but fans are really watching it for the Netflix reality stars’ budding relationships in Season 5. but audiences also latched onto the flirtation between Emma Hernan and newcomer Micah McDonald.

A Texas native, Micah first appears in the Netflix show’s fifth season as one of Emma’s clients working on an eight-figure contract. Sparks fly fairly quickly between her and the property manager, even though Emma made it a rule not to date clients. In a confessional in the third episode of the new season, Emma admitted to having a crush on Micah. “I don’t usually mix business with pleasure, but Micah is a little different,” she said. “We had a meeting or two, and I was like, ‘Oh, my god. Not only is he attractive, successful and confident, but we actually have a lot in common. I mean, basically, he’s just, like, check, check, check every fucking box.

After meeting on a tour of her ongoing Beverly Hills estate, Emma relented and went on a date to her Los Angeles restaurant, the Sagrado, where they had a private mezcal tasting in front of the camera. A hot tub date in the season finale followed, signaling that they might be heading for a relationship.

But what do we really know about Micah? Here’s a look at his Instagram, work, restaurant, and current relationship status.

Micha’s Instagram

Micah is a man of few positions. The Houston native has just 30 posts in the feed on his Instagram page, the oldest dating back to October 2020. A self-proclaimed “entrepreneur, president and CEO, and hybrid athlete,” his posts are a mix of fitness and of fashion. inspiration, glamorous shots of his extravagant properties, footage of him on the court at Houston Rockets games and his first NFT.

Micah is not just a fan of his hometown NBA team, but of sports in general. He once posted a tribute to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna on the anniversary of their deaths.

When it comes to the captions of his Instagram posts, Micah focuses on spreading positivity: Most of his posts give off messages of motivation and hard work.

Emma and her stint on the Netflix reality show had not appeared on her grid as of April 27.

Micha’s work

As a real estate entrepreneur and property manager, Micah develops commercial and private properties. The Beverly Hills home that brought him together with Emma has been in the works since he bought it in 2016. Micah posted an update to the mansion after Season 5 has dropped.

Restaurant Micah

Sagrado Mezcaleria, the restaurant where he and Emma went on their first date, is also owned by Micah. Located in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, the restaurant is dedicated to “initiating customers into the sacred techniques of Mezcal-making.”

On their date, the couple not only sampled her mezcal, but also dined on Emma’s vegan empanadas – a dish made with “beyond meat” that features on the restaurant’s menu. Visitors and locals alike can plan their own version of Micah and Emma’s date, dining indoors, on the sidewalk or on the patio.

Is Micah dating anyone right now?

Emma Hernan in sell sunset Season

Although Micah hasn’t made any public statement, Emma recently confirmed that she and Micah are still seeing each other.Me and Micah definitely have something special,” she told Entertainment Tonight in April. “We always enjoy each other’s company.” The duo have yet to define their relationship, due to the slow burn of neither living in Los Angeles full-time. Micah splits her time with Houston, and Emma spends part of the year in Boston, where she runs a frozen food business Emma Leigh & Co.

Emma has expressed concerns about a long-distance relationship, though she admits she and Micah have “gotten closer” since filming wrapped and she hasn’t completely taken a relationship off the table: We will see. Maybe season 6 there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”

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