Inside Nathan Chen’s Love Life As The Figure Skater Wins Olympic Gold

American figure skater Nathan Chen has just won his first Olympic gold medal in Beijing.

The 22-year-old triple world champion skated with Elton John’s The Rocket Man and achieved an impressive combined score of 332.60.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, he became the first American to win figure skating gold since Evan Lysacek in 2010.

Following his success, everyone wants to get to know Nathan a little better, especially when it comes to his love life.

Does he have a girlfriend? Keep reading to find out…

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Does Nathan Chen have a girlfriend?

As of 2022, Nathan Chen appears to be single and notoriously not currently dating anyone.

Nathan is active on Instagram and has not posted any romantic interests there.

The only women who appear on his feed are the Olympian’s mother Hetty and fellow figure skater Mariah Bell.

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He used to date Amber Glenn

Nathan has only had one public relationship and that is with fellow skater Amber Glenn.

The 22-year-old USA figure skater from Plano, Texas is currently the 2021 USA national silver medalist.

The couple dated when they were teenagers around 2016. However, little is known about their relationship and they had broken up in 2017.

A 2016 tweet from Amber revealed that they were spending Valentine’s Day together. Nathan replied to his message by writing: Aw I love you more than anything ❤️ I miss you.

In December 2019, she came out as bisexual and pansexual in an interview with the Texas LGBT newspaper Dallas Voice.

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Other women he has been linked with

After that, he was romantically involved with Japanese figure skater Mai Mihara in 2017.

It came after he posted an Instagram photo with her and wrote in the caption, “May 😍.” However, it was never confirmed that they were dating.

Now he regularly posts photos with American figure skater Mariah Bell, but it seems they are just good friends.

As a student at Yale University majoring in Statistics and Data Science and an Olympic Gold Medalist, it seems like Nathan doesn’t have time to date.

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