I’m tired of dating apps – BBNaija Uriel cries over her inability to find a man

Star of Big Brother Naija Reality Show, Uriel Oputa is really going out of his way to find himself a man.

On that note, she has joined some dating apps, however, she is not happy with the outcome and has expressed her frustration with the caliber of people on Nigerian relationship apps.

The chef and businesswoman shared that the profile pictures of many men there are reason enough to quit and she berated all her friends who forced her to join.

Uriel revealed that someone from Ibadan will have Justin Timberlake’s profile picture and for those who even put their pictures up, the look will make you reconsider because you can almost tell the person will be violent.

Uriel Oputa went on to say that a particular photo she saw made her buy “aboniki” balm because her neck got strained.

She noted that she stared at the guy’s shirt for over 30 minutes because it was a hybrid shirt; half Nike, half Gucci.

She wrote: “I reprimand everyone who forced me to join the Nigerian dating app. You will be Adewale Akin from Ibadan with Justine Timberlake as your profile picture. Nnah meehn ogini by this thing na. People are posing for Bush with Koi Koi shoes. Camery full everywhere as a backdrop. O gini na? So the images in this app make you thank God for saying you are single. Because the profile picture can offend anyhow. You that person will bite your neck for the night if you don’t cook. FAMS!!!”

She further added, “I’m done with dating apps 🤯😂 a pic of a guy made me buy an aboniki because of neck pain. Like in I stare at this guy shirt for 30 minutes. Half Nike half Gucci.

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