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Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and to boil users with anticipation and excitement about the possibilities. But the dating app experts Fluttr Point out that about 50% of online correspondence does not return a message, which can make users feel insecure and rejected. So how do you protect your sanity while seeking love – or an appointment – in line?

Rhonda Alexander, CEO of Fluttr, shares these tips:

Don’t look for application validation – If you’re feeling really down and sad if you don’t hear about a match, Rhonda says you might be looking for validation through your dating app. But since research shows there’s a 50/50 chance a match won’t message you – and you can’t really control that – you shouldn’t use the platform to validate yourself.

Stop pleasing people – Some online daters go along with everything a game says and cling to every post because they’re afraid the other person will lose interest if they don’t, but that’s not healthy. Spending time finding love is great, says Rhonda, “just make sure that pleasing others doesn’t take precedence over your own well-being.”

Manage rejection – It’s never easy, but dealing with rejection after presenting the best version of yourself online? It can be even more difficult, but rejection often occurs on dating apps. And when it does, Rhonda says it’s best to accept it, talk about it with loved ones to make sense of it, then move on and heal, so you’re ready. to face the next match.

Remember you are not disposable – Browsing through possible online matchmaking profiles can make it all feel depersonalized and being ghosted by someone from a dating app can make you feel throwaway. Rhonda’s advice? “Keep an open mind, be positive, and have fun with platforms,” she says, “but keep the emphasis on pairing carefully to forge meaningful connections. “

Source: New York Post

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