How to get back into the dating game if it’s been a while

If you haven’t dated in a very long time, the idea can seem extremely daunting. If you were in a long-term relationship, you will find that things have changed dramatically in a few years. If you’ve never even dipped your toe in the pool, you’ll be amazed at the terminology and etiquette and just how dark it can be.

And look, that’s a lot. But there is no need to panic.

It’s 2018, so if you’re looking to get into dating and haven’t downloaded Tinder and/or Bumble, you’re seriously wrong.

Don’t be scared if you’ve heard horror stories or your friends are complaining about the seriousness of the situation, because it really isn’t that bad. Many people use dating apps to actually meet people.

You need something that walks the line between funny, sweet, approachable, serious about dating, but also about having a fun time. Your bio is your main talking point and will start conversations for you, so you need to make it count. Talk to your friends, check out your favorite TV shows, or check out reddit for discussions on what works and doesn’t.

Telephones and the internet have made many dating standards terrible. Ghost people, a bench, a hideout, a catfish, and a cereal box as if to be expected (the last one was made up, but you get an idea how ridiculous it all is).

So get a quick idea of ​​what to expect and then try not to worry too much about it. Sure, it can happen to you (and you’ll know exactly what it’s called so you can tell your friends about it), but being too scared of it happening and then staying away from the market won’t help anyone. Just think of it as a good story to tell (see point 7).

If you want to ask someone out, it’s 100% better to have a plan in place. You don’t want them jostling at the meeting place and saying “let’s go and find a place to eat?” “. This shit is just not relevant and is a sign of a bad date.

Make sure it’s planned out before you go, or if they’ve already sorted somewhere, have a backup plan in case you want to launch nearby. A little research beforehand will go a long way to preventing many awkward exchanges.

We haven’t met you, but we can assume you’re an absolute trap! People will text you back and ask you out on a second date because you’re the best.

If you like them that much back, that’s great! But don’t settle too early. You’re new to the dating market, so be sure to see as many as you can. If there’s someone you really like, you can always explain that you want to keep things flexible and hope they stay – which is technically a bench but, you know, don’t hate the playa.

On the other hand, if people don’t respond to you right away, don’t feel like you’ve failed. You have a long way to go – lots of awkward dates, scary texts, and nervous encounters – before you can expect results. Think of it like going to the gym or learning a language. It is practice makes perfect.

Failure, success, completely forgettable mess: these are all great stories to tell. No matter how you feel about each date, just treat it as an experience and something you’ll tell your friends for years to come.

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