Helen Skelton warned women not to date sports stars in blog five years before heartbreaking split

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Presenter Helen Skelton made a bizarre prediction years before she will now marry her husband and Leeds Rhinoceros player Richie Myler.

For eight years before splitting earlier this year. The couple, who have three children together, married in 2013 but in an unearthed and very candid blog post, Helen opened up about the frustrations of having a relationship with a famous sports star.

The Countryfile star revealed that her ex-husband Worse than her toddlers’ ‘tantrums’ if he lost a rugby match, as she admitted she struggled to organize her life around the rugby player’s sporting career.

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In the post written in 2017 Helen raged over the realities of life as a sports wife as she opened up about the stresses and strains that come with it.

She wrote: “I’m married to a man who comes home in the mood because his team didn’t do what he expected or he didn’t play as well as he would have wish.

In reference to the age of one of her children at the time, she said of Richie Myler: “His tantrums about his sport are worse than the toddler’s.”

The 39-year-old TV personality also admitted she found the uncertainty of Richie’s career difficult to deal with, she said it was impossible to plan for a future as he was constantly on the move or facing the prospect to change teams.

In her post, “Wannabe wags beware. Sport will make you gray not glamorous,” she added, “I have no idea where my kids will go to school, when I can put a picture on the wall or if my husband will have a job in a few years,” she wrote on her blog called Helen Etc.

At the time of publication, a heavily pregnant Helen was living in France with her husband and eldest son while Richie played for the Catalan Dragons in the Super League. Prior to that, Richie had played for Warrington and Salford, before moving to Leeds Rhinos.

Helen Skelton has split from husband Richie Myler after nine years together

© Helen Skelton/Instagram
Helen Skelton has split from husband Richie Myler after nine years together

Five years after her blog post, the couple called it months later Helen gave birth to their daughter. Fans were shocked when the mum-of-three announced in a touching Instagram post that the rugby player had left the family home.

The Countryfile star revealed heartbreaking news to his 277,000 followers, saying, “Very sad to say that Richie and I are no longer in a relationship. He left the family home. We will do our best to co-parent our grandchildren,” along with two heartbroken emojis.

Despite her grief, Helen, who lives in Leedshas made several appearances at various events as she learns to adjust to her new normal.

Meanwhile, Richie was reportedly seen with a marketing executive Stephanie Thirkillwho is the daughter of Richie’s club chairman, Leeds Rhinos.

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