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The entrepreneur shared with Narcity how she deals with hate, her coping mechanisms, and what it’s like to partner with someone who receives their fair share of scrutiny.

How do you deal with hate messages, trolls and rowdies?

“He’s much better at handling this than I am. I’m stressed out. I get nervous. Sometimes it gives me anxiety, but I feel as sad as it sounds, he’s sort of dealt with this his whole life. , so for him to deal with it comes almost naturally now, ”Sidhu said.

“In any situation where he thinks his greatest thing is wanting to understand why someone is heckling or why someone is cheating and trying to connect with them.

“While sometimes I think to myself, ‘Oh my God, why are you mean? »It’s kind of my reaction […] and his thing is, ‘Why do you feel the need to be mean?’

“He handles things a lot better than I do. Even when it comes to social media, nothing really bothers him, and I think it’s so impressive. It’s like an awesome fool sometimes I think to myself, okay , relax like you’re just with me you don’t need to put up a facade, but there is no facade that’s just who he is.

“To me, […] sometimes if i see negative comments i will want to delete them. I just don’t want this in my similar space, and I know […] giving a public forum will happen, it will naturally happen. Corn […] he’s always in that space where you know it’s going to happen, you can either get angry about it or it’s more just understanding where this other person is coming from and so i like his approach better than getting angry.

“But, yeah, it gets tough sometimes, but for the most part, seeing how Jagmeet handles it, I’m still in awe, so it makes me want to be more zen about it too.”

When you feel a wave of anxiety, how do you deal with it?

“I just hold onto his hand very tight. I just hold onto his hand and I will not let go for my dear life. So my adaptation is to be around him because his really zen cold energy is on me. always helps.

“So whenever I feel a little anxious, this is my first person to call. If I see through social media, I will see him to discuss it with him because he will help me feel better about it. Or if it’s in anybody, oh one hundred percent I’ll do it.

“I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but even when there was a man […] just saying something like he’s cut off his turban that people would love you more. And I remember like he was having a very positive conversation and like nobody could even say what the conversation was about unless you actually listened to the context because they were both very polite to each other. the other.

“And I just remember grabbing hold of Jagmeet, and no one could tell, but I was like this was my way of handling it, and he kinda reassures me like, catching me like everything is fine. to pass.

“So so far it has worked. “

How do you deal with someone rude to your partner?

“As a partner you want to be like, ‘Please don’t be mean to my husband’, but I also know that my husband is going to take care of him a lot better than me.

“Because he’s going to use his voice and he’s going to use his words, and he’s going to try to reason, and he’s going to want to […] connect, and it’s going to want to relate, so it works. I never felt the need to tell myself “don’t be mean to him” because he takes care of it.

“And so, in those kinds of situations, I think if there’s someone who can handle it and make you feel good and at peace, even after the whole altercation, it’s him. So yeah, I appreciate her being always so calm about every situation. “

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