Hannah Brown looks for love on ‘Celebrity Dating Game’: ‘She’s from Tuscaloosa!’

“The Celebrity Dating Game” premiered this week, with Hannah Brown launching the series as the first bachelor again looking to find love on national television. The show airs on ABC. You can also stream episodes on Hulu.

Hosted by actress and singer Zooey Deschanel and Grammy-winning singer Michael Bolton, “The Celebrity Dating Game” features a list of celebrities from television, music, comedy, reality TV and entertainment. feature films in their quest to find love. The show first aired in 1965, with Jim Lange as the host throughout its broadcast on the ABC Network. A 1986 revival was curated by Elaine Joyce.

The format remains the same: Each episode follows two celebrities who each choose a lucky suitor from a hidden panel of three singles and / or singles based on answers to a variety of questions. The identity of the celebrities will remain a mystery to their suitors, who receive clues via hilarious performances of parody songs from host Michael Bolton.

Former “Bachelorette” and season 28 winner of “Dancing with the Stars” Hannah Brown, 26, scored the first celebrity bachelorette of the latest revival, asking various questions of potential suitors to narrow it down to one guy.

It should be noted that Brown recently revealed that she has started dating model Adam Woolard, who makes frequent appearances on the reality TV star’s Instagram and YouTube feeds. We’re not exactly sure when they filmed the game show, but depending on who she picked, Hannah moved on fairly quickly. Hey, this is show business, guys.

As for the show that premiered this week, Brown asked singles to name a fun romantic activity they could do at home together. The first bachelor said the first thing that came to his mind was arts and crafts. The second bachelor said “arts and crafts” sounded like innuendo and said they could “canoodle” and, well, do arts and crafts. He also suggested video games, and Hannah didn’t agree.

The third bachelor said they would put on a sweat, pour themselves a glass of wine, order a pizza and find a movie on Netflix. “You had me at pizza,” Deschanel said, while Hannah said, “He made me sweat.”

Brown then asked if they would prefer that we live in a world where everyone starts singing or fighting for kung fu. The second bachelor said karaoke was “a way of life,” which Brown endorsed with a fist pump, even inspiring Bolton to join in an improv song.

Brown, a winner of “Dancing with the Stars,” asked about singles dance skills. One showed off a sprinkler he uses at weddings, while another tried out a moonwalk.

After the first round, Deschanel pressured Brown for his feelings. “They look practical and enjoyable and have dance moves that are… promising,” she said.

Brown then urged the singles to guess who she was. One guessed Blake Lively, another Demi Lovato. The third cut it down because “You are obviously country”. Not false. But his guess? Taylor Swift. Wrong.

To learn more about their mysterious bachelorette party, Bolton gave a few song clues, referring to “Singles and Miss USA”, “that windmill” and Brown dancing for us when we needed it most. “She’s from Tuscaloosa!” Bolton also said.

Deschanel rehearsed the Tuscaloosa line, on which Brown sang his popular refrain, “Roll Tide!”

Brown also revealed a random fact about herself: She’s never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In the end, Brown picked the third bachelor, a Wall Street investor and former San Diego baseball player. We don’t know if there was a date, but we at least see that Brown has moved on in his love life to a happy relationship.

You can watch clips at the top and bottom of this story, or stream the full episode on Hulu.

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