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Fran Drescher has had a disastrous time on dating apps.

The 64-year-old actress has revealed she hates using dating apps because none of the guys are ever honest.

In an interview with E! News, she said, “None of the guys seemed to be honest about how they presented themselves. They weren’t as successful as their profiles suggested, some of them smoked.

The ‘The Nanny’ star added that in addition to exaggerating success, she often encounters men who feel threatened by her own accomplishments.

She said: “Overall, I think they fake their age, they fake their accomplishments. And even though I’ve been with guys who haven’t been as successful as me, I’ve learned at my expense it’s fun for a while, but eventually they start resenting you for paying for everything and having more than they have and being more successful than them.

“It’s starting to shake the male ego. So I won’t do that anymore because it’s too painful for me. I don’t want anyone to blame me for my success.

However, Fran wants to return to the dating pool. The actress was previously married once, from 1978 to 1999, to 64-year-old producer Peter Marc Jacobson. The couple created ‘The Nanny’ together during their union.

Fran said she was considering putting her “toe in the water” again and asked that people “put the word out there to search [her].”

She said: “After my last relationship and certainly through COVID, [I went through] a period where I kind of had more of a relationship with myself and it’s going really well.

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