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Google is once again making headlines for its allegedly anti-competitive behavior with the Play Store.

The tech giant has been sued by dating app maker Match Group Inc for refusing to share nearly 30% of its sales.

The Tinder owner said the step was a “last resort” to prevent his other apps from being started from the Play Store.

This isn’t the first time Google has been sued for its monopolistic attitude, as “Fortnite” maker Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Alphabet Inc over a similar ordeal.

According to Shar Dubey, chief executive of Match Group, “We tried, in good faith, to resolve these issues with Google, but their insistence and threats left us no choice.”

Seeking to prohibit such behavior, Match’s lawsuit alleges that Google violated federal and state antitrust laws.

In his filing, Match said that while his client prefers Tinder’s payment system, Google is trying to intimidate him by saying it will block downloads of those apps that were previously exempt by June 1 unless that they only offer its payment system and share the revenue.

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After cutting its fees, Google told developers they could bypass the Play Store because they had created other programs to address concerns.

Defending its decision, Google said its payment tool helps deter scams and added “Like any business, we charge for our services, and like any responsible platform, we protect users from fraud.”

But Dubey said going around Play was unsustainable and added that “it’s like saying, ‘you don’t have to take the elevator to get to the 60th floor of a building, you can still climb the outer wall. “”

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Blog: Faithful to their foundation, the Facultettes organize a fun hat magazine (5/10/22) Tue, 10 May 2022 05:03:12 +0000

Funny hats always catch my eye. But place them on the heads of some of the most worthy ladies of Cape State College’s 1963 faculty and you will truly have my attention.

I came across two photos from Garland Fronabarger’s collection of mature women wearing hats put together from their own imaginations. I just knew there had to be a story behind them.

Posted May 18, 1963 in southeastern Missouri:



Missouri Staff Writer

” Spring has arrived
The grass has rice,
I wonder where
Flowers are!”

Not all, but many of the flower-adorned quirky designs that capped the State College faculties at their recent spring dinner party. In the ballroom of Memorial Hall, members turned out in droves and in accordance with part of the invitation which read:

“Just for fun
make a hat,
Bell or bonnet,
Or something like that.
wild imagination
Is it yours to use
did i give you
Clues ?
Wear your hat proudly
And maybe it’s you
Who is the winner of
Our review of hats.”

What a variety of models they wore. There were big hats, little hats, short hats, tall hats. Standing or bowing, forwards or backwards, everyone paraded with great aplomb in the gala review. They represented the comic, the beautiful; professional fields, hobbies, odds and ends. They were the epitome of everything fashionable in kingdom milady headgear.

Hat Revue winners from left to right are: Dr. Irene D. Neu, Ms. Marvin Webb and Ms. Nell Beall. (GD Fronabarger ~ Southeast Missouri Archives)

The season of spring was loudly proclaimed by myriads of flowers and notes overflowing from a large model carried by Mrs. Edwin (Bertha) Stevens’ “Spring Song” and in “Spring on the Range”, an eye-catcher worn by Mrs. Mary Hélène Flente. “Plastic” By Fair — turkey feathers, with a blue bird in an apple orchard heralded the season in Miss Verda Farrar’s original design.

After spring, summer. It gave birth to the “first rose of summer”, a kind of bell created from large yellow petals by Mrs. Marvin (Imogene) Webb, the new president

Advance the summer

Mrs. Christine Wheeler Heil’s pretty lampshade growing long-stemmed red roses for the “City of Roses” model and Mrs. RL (Helen) Sheets’ unusual cool snowball hat depicting “snowball winter or the Idiot in Bloom” brought the summer forward. .”

Ingenuity was needed to create and strong necks were a necessity to support the originals of Mrs. Nell Beall, who modeled her hat on household and hobby ideas; Mrs. Richard (Delores G.) Snider is the Kent Library Review; Mrs. Ila A. Holmes showing the Dearmont Quadrangle girls and Mrs. RL (White) Huff’s ‘Do It Yourself’ model, home decor idea.

Among the outstanding toppers evocative of their vocations were “Bread Basket, Rolls and Wheat Stalks” by Mrs. Leslie (Grace) Hoover, “A Data Processing Creation”, by Mrs. Kenneth (Joyce) Pitchford; office staff originals, “Grapes of Wrath” by Mrs. Fred (Linda) Peacock and “Office Supplies and Things” by Mrs. Alice Hulett. “Chore Girl” was the subject of Ms. Glenn (Bessie) Stevens.

Dr. Irene Neu scored with her hat, “Bubble Dancer,” Mrs. John (Dorothy) Statler in a smocked gingham dress and hat. Strange was Mrs. Homer (Reva) Collin’s real wasps’ nest hat, and useful was Miss Clara L. Hoffman’s “ice cream hat to use after overeating such an appetizing meal.”

Because she had forgotten to create a hat for the occasion, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Magill was given a large dunce’s cap made from a newspaper. What she labeled “…Am a dunce!”

The notable creations were modeled by: Mrs. Edwin Stevens, left, Mrs. Christine Wheeler Heil and Mrs. Carroll Walker, center and Miss Verda Farrar. (GD Fronabarger ~ Southeast Missouri Archives)

What is the origin of the Facultyettes? How did the band get its name. Excerpts from the minutes taken from a scrapbook dating from 1924 reveal these facts and, in addition, offer an interesting reading. It’s history:

THE TIME: An afternoon in September 1924.

THE CHARACTERS, in order of appearance: Librarian, Sadie T. Kent; two secretaries, Edna N. Wilson and Christine W. Randolph; an English teacher, Martha C. Shea.

A debate

RESOLVED — That women in the faculty should have fun.

For the alternative: The librarian, the two secretaries, the English teacher.

For the negative: 0.

THE DECISION — Unanimous, in favor of the affirmative


THE TIME: An afternoon in September 1924.

LOCATION: A shady spot on campus, west of the Academic Hall.

THE CHARACTERS: Twenty-five Beautiful Ladies (faculty).

PROPERTIES: Twenty-five bottles of milk, 50 sandwiches, 150 cookies, a bushel of fruit, a large basket of donuts. Lots of celebrations (eating business).

TWENTY MINUTES LATER: Twenty-five beautiful ladies; 25 empty milk bottles, a large empty basket.

A GREAT DISCUSSION: When, where and how to have fun.

RESOLVED — That this group hereby organize a club.

RESOLVED TO ELECT THE OFFICERS: Miss Sadie Trezevant Kent, President; Miss Martha Catherine Shea, vice-president; Mrs. Christine Wheeler Randolph, secretary; members…

RESOLVED — That this club must have a name. As this proposal proved too important to be decided in a hurry, it was agreed that each member would propose a name, these suggestions would be put to a vote at the next meeting and a prize would be awarded to the chosen name.

October 1924.

A sausage roasted at Ferme Brucher. Hostesses: Mis Brucher, Mrs Eicholtz, Miss Rehkopf, Miss LeMasters, Mrs Townsend.

A big bonfire. Smoked sausages, bacon, tomatoes, buns, coffee, apples, persimmons, pumpkin pie topped with 3 inches of whipped cream. After doing justice to this party, the bonfire was replenished and in its light the list of proposed names for the club was read and voted on:

1. As you like it. 2. Beavers transformed butterflies. 3. Beautiful Serene. 4. Come play for a while. 5. Drop your dignity. 6. Faculty Flappers. 7. Follies of the Faculty. 8. Fun and Frolic. 9. Party people. 10. Happy Thought Club. 11 Go out for fun. 12. Pleasure seekers. 13. The Touchstone Club. 14. The village vampires. 15. FACULTYETTES.

Vote of 20

There was a scattered vote in favor of several of the names (and) a close race between “The Faculty Flappers” and “The Village Vamps”, but those two worthy appellations were far outdistanced by “Facultyettes”, and by a vote more from 20 the club became LES FACULTYETTES.

President Kent asked the initiator of this idea to stand. Miss Esther Knehans came forward modestly to claim the honor and the prize – a box of sparklers. President Kent then ordered that, as Miss Knehans had kept her light hidden under a bushel all this time, she should now adopt the attitude of the goddess of liberty and shine for the edification of her colleagues here assembled. This scene was so effective, the pose and the lighting so becoming, that all faculties were jealous. Miss Knehans generously divided the sparklers, all participated in a beautiful tableau, and the sausage roast ended brilliantly…”

Among the founders, only Mrs. Heil (then Mrs. Randolph), was present for the Hat Revue. Today, membership numbers about 75 and is made up mostly of single female teaching and non-teaching staff.

Today, as in its beginnings, the Club des Facultéettes is established above all to have fun. The dinner meetings are presented at the three or four gatherings of each school year and with them, generally, is presented a type of novelty entertainment.

“It seems,” said Ms. Beall, outgoing president, “that our ‘founders’ met more often than we do now and played a lot of bridge.” It hasn’t been said that next year is another year that will bring with it more gay parties and funfests for The Facultyettes.

The Orioles and Royals lineups in the series finale Mon, 09 May 2022 14:14:15 +0000

The Orioles have reached the end of their homestand. A make-up game today against the Royals, followed by their flight to St. Louis.

Tyler Nevin starts at third base after playing right field yesterday in Game 2.

Trey Mancini is the first baseman and Ryan Mountcastle is the designated hitter.

Anthony Bemboom is contagious.

Cedric Mullins is 13 for 36 (.361) with five doubles and two homers during an eight-game hitting streak.

Chris Owings, on the bench today, became the first Oriole last night to walk three times in a game since Trey Mancini on May 16, 2021 against the Yankees.

Wide receiver Robinson Chirinos was 0 for 21 heading into his eighth single in Game 2.

Tyler Wells was ruled out at this afternoon’s game and makes his first career start and fourth appearance against the Royals. He pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings in 2021.

Orioles starters have allowed two or fewer earned runs in 12 of 15 home games.

Right-hander Carlos Hernández, who was scheduled to start Friday before consecutive rains, allowed 12 earned runs and 13 total through 18 innings. He allowed 24 hits, walked 10 batters and struck out eight.

The Orioles are 15-6 against the Royals at Camden Yards since 2015.

For the Orioles
Cedric Mullins CF
Trey Mancini 1B
Anthony Santander RF
Austin Hays LF
Ryan Mountcastle DH
Coarse odor 2B
Tyler Nevin 3B
Anthony Bemboom C
Jorge Mateo SS

Tyler Wells RHP

For the Royals
Bobby Witt Jr. 3B
Andrew Benintendi LF
Salvador Perez DH
Ryan O’Hearn 1B
Dozier RF Hunter
Whit Merrifield 2B
MJ Melendez C
Michael A Taylor CF
Nicky Lopez SS

Carlos Hernandez RHP

I’m done for the day. Steve Melewski is handling game coverage. Meet me in Saint-Louis.

Rutherford Falls Season 2: Everything We Know So Far Sat, 07 May 2022 11:27:59 +0000

Rutherford Falls is an American sitcom. The series was created by Ed Helms, Michael Scurr and Sierra Teller Ornelas. The sitcom premiered on April 21, 2021.

The sitcom is a complete comedy. Also, it received a positive response from the audience.

Rutherford Falls Season 2

The Rutherford Falls series is set in a small Northeastern town that is turned upside down when local legend and town namesake, Nathan Rutherford, fights to stop a historic statue from being moved.

Rutherford Falls will have ten episodes in its second season, according to our estimates. Let’s see where this leads.

Jana Schmieding, Ed Helms, Sierra Teller Ornelas, Michael Schur, Eric Ledgin, Tazbah Chavez, Rupinder Gill, Tai Leclaire, Marcos Luevanos, Matt Murray, Lauren Tyler and Bobby Wilson wrote the Rutherford Falls series.

Sydney Freeland, Lawrence Sher, Claire Scanlon and Rebecca Asher directed the film. Mike Falbo, Ed Helms, David Miner, Morgan Sackett, Michael Schur and Sierra Teller executive Ornelas produced the series, Rutherford Falls.

Rutherford Falls Season 2: Announced or not?

Rutherford Falls was recently revived for a second season. Rutherford Falls Season 2 has been confirmed and will release soon. The Rutherford Falls series was confirmed by Peacock for a second season on July 8, 2021.

While the ‘Rutherford Falls’ team is “really excited to tell some of the pan-Indigenous stories,” Ornelas pointed out to Variety that “we’re not a monolith,” which is why the program s is sure to hire Native American writers from across the country to help make the show accessible to everyone.

Ornelas also released an official statement regarding the show’s renewal.

Season 1 of “Rutherford Falls” premiered on Peacock on April 22, 2021, with all 10 episodes released simultaneously, like Netflix.

Starting June 16, 2022, all eight episodes of Season 2 will be available to stream on the service.

Season 2 is one of two big releases on the small screen this week.

Rutherford Falls Season 2 Cast

“The main cast of Rutherford Falls is likely to return for the second season.

In addition to Helms and Schmieding, the series features Michael Greyeyes as Terry Thomas, the CEO of local casino Minishonka; Jesse Leigh as Bobbie Yang, Rutherford’s loyal secretary; Dana L. Wilson as Mayor Deirdre Chisenhall; and Dustin Milligan as Josh Carter, a dedicated reporter. Geraldine Keams, Ben Koldyke, Adam Farabee and Mimi Gianopulos are among the recurring cast, along with countless more notable and entertaining cast members.

What is season 2 about?

The first season of “Rutherford Falls” has come to a surprising conclusion. Rutherford spent the entire first season trying to keep his family statue from being moved, but it turns out he’s ultimately unrelated to the founder of Rutherford Falls.

This gives plenty of options for Season 2, but it also raises an important question: what does this mean for Rutherford and his connection to Wells? In Season 2, it will be interesting to see how the drama deals with real-world topics like colonialism and progressivism.

Nathan was less than enthusiastic during the Season 1 finale after hearing what Josh Carter – the reporter who had explored the true past of the namesake town and, for a time, dated Reagan – had to say to his topic on his podcast, so it will impact what happens in Season 2.

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew start dating again Fri, 06 May 2022 15:35:24 +0000

“Love is love” would be the best compliment that can be given to reunited couple JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew. American dancer Siwa, 18, has once again confirmed that she is back with her long-lost love, Kylie Prew. Jojo who is a very famous singer and YouTuber has given her love a second chance.

Kylie, who is also a singer, and both were known as “Dance Moms”. The news broke when a series of clips from their visit to Disney World were shared. The couple confirmed that they have decided to give their relationship a second chance and that their love has been rejuvenated.

The whole expression of his emotion was through a caption that read “If you love someone, let them go if they come back.” The caption clearly described how happy JoJo was with her love now. Even the photos told of their happiness together. JoJo shared two photos, in which Kylie sees her kissing her cheeks. The other photo was quite blurry aesthetically.

As soon as the post was shared on JoJo’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts, fans went nuts. All of their fan pages who wished for their reunion were extremely happy. Some wrote “Woww, I didn’t expect that”. Another wrote “Finally the wait is over.” The couple only started dating in 2021, then broke up afterwards.

The “Boomerang” singer came out as gay. Prew, she later said, was the one who persuaded her to go public with her truth. In February 2021, Siwa gushed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” saying, “I have the greatest, most wonderful, most perfect, most gorgeous girlfriend in the entire world.”

“I was FaceTiming with my girlfriend one day… ‘I just want to post this pic to my [Instagram] History, I said. She was quite encouraging; she said, “Do it”, and I said, “OK”, and I did… “Then I resumed FaceTiming with her.”

However, while Siwa was dancing to “Dancing With the Stars” in October 2021, rumors that the two had broken up quickly spread. She and her professional partner Jenna Johnson made history as the first gay dance duo to compete for the Mirrorball Trophy.

Siwa told a media outlet during a post-show press conference for the dance competition series that she was counting on her “older sister” (Johnson) to help her out at the time.

“She helped me with so many things.” “I think one thing she’s helped me with is finding happiness with myself,” Siwa said of Johnson, who is 28. “One thing she’s done for me is that I’m happy with myself.”

“It’s something my mother told me yesterday,” she said. “I just love having Jenna in your life as a friend, as an older sister, because she’s not trying to change you,” she said. She just wants you to be yourself, happy and confident in yourself. It is something for which I will be eternally grateful.

Why people misbehave on dating apps Thu, 05 May 2022 19:49:53 +0000

Dating today has many pitfalls. Yet if a stranger started chatting with someone in a pub, few people would respond directly, “No, you’re too small for me, and I don’t think I’ll like your politics – please, withdraw from my orbit. “Similarly, most men wouldn’t expose their genitals before saying a word on a first date. And very few people would suddenly walk out of a cafe in the middle of a conversation, leaving behind someone they had been dating for weeks.

As bizarre as these behaviors seem when enacted “in real life,” however, people do the digital equivalents all the time when they go out online. These situations have become commonplace on the thousands of online dating sites and apps, which is not good news for the millions of people who use them – in the United States, three out of 10 adults, a proportion which rises to 48% among 18-to-29 year olds.

As a result, future dates face many emotional risks as they slip and slide. In 2018, a team of researchers in the Netherlands and the United States found that 42% of people with profiles on the dating app Tinder were married or in a relationship, but were still looking for dates. Meanwhile, abuse in the form of trolling is rampant on apps; users also experience ghosting as matches disappear without a trace, and some people are also targeted with unsolicited graphic photos.

Of course, many people misbehave when trying to pick someone up from a pub or club, or even on a date arranged by mutual friends. But certain features of dating apps make them particularly rich in misbehavior. “The screen mediates our courage, so we will do and say things online that we would never do in real life,” says Dr Joanne Orlando, an Australia-based researcher and author who focuses on digital wellbeing. .

Other aspects of these apps, like their addictive algorithms and wealth of options, also make people braver. They seem to give users not just a license to misbehave, but also an incentive. What they offer, after all, is a numbers game – whether users want to find casual sex or romantic love, the more they widen their nets, the more likely they are to find it. This can encourage users to ruthlessly reject less promising captures and quickly switch between people, so they can use apps to their fullest effect.

All of this has troubling implications for online dating and the millions of people who rely on these sites and apps to find matches – a number that’s growing every year. Bad behavior practiced and honed on dating apps can easily spill over into the rest of our lives. And, often, it is.

Bochum vs Arminia Bielefeld: probable line-ups, match stats and LIVE blog! Thu, 05 May 2022 06:01:13 +0000 > Click here for the Bochum-Bielefeld LIVE blog! Asano played his part in a quite remarkable Ruhr derby at Borussia Dortmund last time out. The 34-time Japan international produced two assists as …]]>

Japan’s Takuma Asano and Masaya Okugawa are set to face off when Bochum host second-placed Arminia Bielefeld on Friday (kick-off 8.30pm CEST).


>> Click here for the Bochum-Bielefeld LIVE blog!

Asano played his part in a quite remarkable Ruhr derby at Borussia Dortmund last time out. The 34-time Japan international produced two assists as Bochum went down 4-3 winners in an upside game that secured their place in the Bundesliga next season. Twelfth in the table heading into the penultimate round of fixtures, Bochum could yet finish their first Bundesliga football campaign for 11 years in the top half. With defender Kostas Stafylidis suspended and Danilo Soares uncertain, Thomas Reis will likely name an unchanged starting line-up for his side’s final home game of 2021/22.

Bielefeld’s hopes of a third consecutive Bundesliga season hang in the balance. Given their inferior goal difference, Arminia genuinely need at least three points from their two remaining matches to have any chance of swapping places with VfB Stuttgart at the relegation play-off post. It means ending a winless streak dating back to Matchday 23, when Okugawa last scored. Arminia at least showed that they fought hard to come from behind and draw with Hertha Berlin in their second game under interim coach Marco Kostmann. Teenage striker Burak Ince and veteran midfielder Gonzalo Castro are hoping to keep their places but could make room for the returns of Alessandro Schöpf and Janni Serra.

Watch: Bochum’s seven-goal thriller at Dortmund

Match statistics

  • Asano tripled his provision number for the 2021/22 league last time out by making two assists in the same Bundesliga game for the first time.
  • Sebastian Polter is Bochum’s top scorer with nine Bundesliga goals this season.
  • Reis’ side have collected 25 of their 39 points at home this season and have conceded half as many (16) as they have on the road (32).
  • Okugawa is Bielefeld’s top scorer with eight goals this season and he is one goal shy of his career-best comeback of nine in a single campaign.
  • Bielefeld has the division’s worst record in 2022, having picked up 11 points in 15 rounds (W2, D5, L8).
  • Arminia have lost their last six away league matches, scoring just once in that span.

Probable teams

Bohum: Riemann – Gamboa, Masovic, Leitsch, Bockhorn – Pantovic, Losilla (c), Rexhbecaj – Asano, Polter, Holtmann
Outside: Stafylidis (suspended)
Doubtful: Soares (knee)
Coach: Thomas Reis

Bielefeld: Ortega – Ramos, Pieper, Nilsson, Laursen – Kunze, Prietl (c) – Wimmer, Schöpf, Okugawa – Serra
Outside: Klos (fractured skull), Lasma (knee)
Doubtful: Brunner (concussion)
Coach: Marco Kostmann

O’s Game Blog: Kyle Bradish takes on No. 1 Minnesota Wed, 04 May 2022 23:03:04 +0000

When the Orioles traded right-hander Dylan Bundy to the Los Angeles Angels on Dec. 4, 2019, one of the four pitchers they got back was right-hander Kyle Bradish. Tonight, Bradish, in his second major league start, pitches against Bundy at Oriole Park.

Bradish (0-1, 3.00 ERA) and Bundy (3-1, 2.95 ERA) face off in Game 3 of the series between the O’s and first-place Minnesota at Camden Yards. The Twins battled their way to 2-1, 7-2 wins to start this four-game series as they improved to 15-9 overall and 11-1 in the last 12 games.

The Twins’ pitching staff ranks second in the American League and fourth in the majors with a 3.01 team ERA. And they’re first in the AL and third in the majors with a 2.63 ERA rotation. Minnesota pitchers have allowed just 25 runs in the last 12 games.

And they face an O offense that has struggled for much of the year. The Orioles have scored less than three points in 14 of their 24 games this season and four times in the last five games. Orioles rank 30and in the majors with a team slugging percentage of .311 and are 28and in OPS at 0.609. They are averaging just 3.08 points per game.

Bradish made his big league debut on Friday and went six innings, allowing five hits and three runs (two earned) against Boston with one walk and two strikeouts. He threw 81 shots in a 3-1 loss. Bradish used his four-seam fastball 45 times that night, averaging 94.1 mph, which peaked at 97.2. He used his slider 20 times, the curveball nine times and seven changes.

Left-handed hitters went 2-for-10 against him and right-handed hitters were 3-for-12 with a homer.

Prior to his call to the majors, Bradish was 2-0 with a 1.20 ERA in three Triple-A starts this year. He is ranked the 9th Orioles prospect via Baseball America and 10th by

In 15 innings at Norfolk — where he went four, five and six innings in successive outings — he allowed eight hits and two earned runs with three walks for 17 strikeouts. He posted a 0.73 WHIP batting average and 0.148 against.

Bradish finished last year on a roll for Norfolk, allowing two earned runs in 20 innings in his last four starts. So in his last seven Triple-A starts dating to last year, he has a 1.03 ERA, allowing 21 hits in 35 innings on nine walks for 41 strikeouts.

Bundy has thrown 21 1/3 innings this season, allowing seven runs and 17 hits, walking three for 19 strikeouts. He allowed .938 WHIP and recorded a 1.3 walk rate and an 8.0 K rate.

In Bundy’s first three starts, he allowed just one run in 15 1/3 innings for a 0.59 ERA. But last Friday, on the road against Tampa Bay, he allowed six runs and seven hits in six innings, allowing two homers on 94 pitches. The Twins are 3-1 in his outings.

The Orioles made Bundy the No. 4 overall pick in the 2011 draft. And then he went 38-45 with a 4.67 ERA and 1.330 WHIP in 792 innings with the club throughout the season. 2019 season. In 2020 with the Angels, he was 6-3 with a 3.29 ERA in the shortened season and finished ninth in voting for the AL Cy Young Award. But last year he struggled, going 2-9 with a 6.06 ERA in 23 games.

Baltimore’s Anthony Santander has reached base safely in 23 of his 24 games. The 23 games achieved are tied with Atlanta’s Matt Olson for the most at the majors. His 40 times on base are tied for third in the AL. Santander cut .237 / .404 / .382 with three home runs, two doubles and 17 walks for 19 strikeouts. He’s the only major-league qualified player with at least .400 on-base percentage and a sub-.240 batting average, and he ranks second in the AL and tied for fourth in the bigs with 17 goals on balls.

Apple faces new Dutch fines in ongoing dispute over dating apps Mon, 02 May 2022 20:01:47 +0000

The Dutch consumer protection regulator is preparing to hit Apple with even more weekly fines because it says Apple’s changes to how dating apps can charge customers were “insufficient”.

Cagan Koc for Bloomberg:

“Apple continues to use unfair terms for dating app providers in the Netherlands,” the Consumer and Markets Authority said in a statement.

The ACM, as it is known, has already penalized Apple 50 million euros ($53 million) for breaking the rules. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company had filed a proposal to fully comply with an order to offer payments outside the App Store to dating app providers after the fine. This proposal offers improvements “but these still do not comply with European and Dutch rules”, the regulator said, adding that it continues to discuss these issues with Apple.

Apple typically forces developers to use its own payment system, which helps it secure commission for apps on its platform…

“The previous decree accompanied by penalty payments having not given the expected result, the ACM is currently preparing a new decree accompanied by penalty payments”, specified the regulator.

Taken from MacDailyNews: Again, if a developer wanted to include non-Apple payment methods in their app, a new app creation and submission would be required. There is nothing “heavy” or “non-compliant” about Apple’s initial changes to the App Store in the Netherlands as claimed by the ACM.

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Buy the Apple Store on Amazon.

Inside Emmerdale star Mike Parr”s love life as he shares unrecognizable snap Mon, 02 May 2022 17:16:06 +0000

Emmerdale’s Mike Parr looked unrecognizable recently as he shared a snapshot of his newfound transformation over the weekend following his exit from the ITV soap opera.

The 35-year-old actor, who played Ross Barton on the hit ITV soap opera from 2013 to 2018, took to Instagram to share a photo of his new mustache as he posed for the camera.

Ross was last seen on Emmerdale in 2018 and fans couldn’t believe his new look, captioning: “‘Tom Selleck’ with a series of shocked emojis.

Another account put: ‘Look like Tom Selleck’, while another follower added: ‘Looks good on you!’

As the piece of soap shows off her new look, here’s a look at her dating history…

Emmerdale’s Mike Parr left fans stunned over the weekend as he shared a snapshot of his newfound transformation following his exit from the ITV soap opera

Emmerdale's Mike Parr left fans stunned over the weekend as he shared a snapshot of his newfound transformation following his exit from the ITV soap opera
Mike shared this snap

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Who is Emmerdale’s Mike Parr dating?

Mike was previously dating his former co-star Isabel Hodgins.

After three years together, the soap stars have called it quits and it looks like Mike is now single.

The Sun reported in March that Mike had been spotted on the dating app Bumble.

He can be seen as “active” on the profile, and looking for a “relationship”.

Mike was previously dating his former co-star Isabel Hodgins
Mike was previously dating his former co-star Isabel Hodgins

The actor was spotted on the dating app Bumble
The actor was spotted on the dating app Bumble

The Sun says he shared a series of photos on the app, including several of himself and spending time with friends.

Following his high-profile relationship with Isabel, a source told The Sun: “They broke up and felt it was better to be friends.

“He’s embarked on his social life and has just been on a guys holiday and she’s focused on work, they’re both young and want to follow their dreams.

Mike appears to be single
Mike appears to be single

He shared a series of photos on the app, including several of himself and having fun with friends
He shared a series of photos on the app, including several of himself and having fun with friends

“They had a meaningful relationship and they will remember the good times.”

Isabel plays Victoria in the soap opera and she has been doing it since the age of 12, making her Emmerdale’s longest serving actress.

There has been no hint of a relationship shared on Mike’s Instagram, on which he has 248,000 followers.

It comes after Emmerdale fans hoped Mike’s character Ross Barton would make a comeback after being mentioned on the ITV soap opera earlier this year.

It comes after Emmerdale fans hoped Mike's character Ross Barton would make a comeback
It comes after Emmerdale fans hoped Mike’s character Ross Barton would make a comeback

During a celebratory episode, Charity Dingle mentioned Ross’ name as she revealed he was dropping off their son Moses in the village despite never being seen on screen.

Speaking to Mackenzie Boyd, Charity said: “I’ll see you later, yeah? Ross drops Moses off…so we have to do the introductions.”

Soap watchers went wild at the mention of Ross as the character was last seen in the village in 2018.

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