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For a matchmaker, a similar education is a litmus test for compatibility. “There’s also a level of personality matching that these aunts do. They’ll never be able to express it well, but it’s kind of like, ‘Oh, she’s super fickle’ or ‘She needs someone. one that’s gentler. “These are the calculations they make and these are the natural signals that people in India have picked up on when they try to trick you. Now I have more appreciation for this institution than growing up, ”she says.

The pandemic pivot

Dubey was named CEO of Dallas-based Match Group in early 2020, weeks before the world went shutdown. As a business leader that relied on two people meeting in person, it was a test by fire. “We’ve seen a pretty steep drop in almost all metrics across all of our platforms. It became clear that people couldn’t go out and meet, and that was going to have to change drastically. One of the first things Dubey did was speed up all video features and products. Dubey has been a big fan of video dating for years, but some early trial and error proved that the technology at the time couldn’t keep up with his vision. Now that there are smartphones in each hand and the Zoom grids are our new meeting rooms, she sees them as an important half-date leading up to an IRL meeting – a chance to have more information beyond that. someone’s photo and biography. Of course, the video features have taken off in a phenomenal way. Plus, with video, geography, which was previously the biggest dating constraint, has blurred and people have started looking for connections all over the world.

Oddly enough, a month after the lockdown began, the company began to see engagement, especially among women, at levels they had never had before. Tinder had the highest level of correspondence and longer conversations, which made Dubey think twice. The pandemic had pushed people to find partners. “It’s a human need – none of us do well with loneliness and the isolation of the pandemic has people saying that I will never isolate on my own again.” COVID-19 has also forced most people to re-prioritize what matters to them. Dubey says their polls have shown honesty has become more prized than physical appearance. It also generated income. Wired reported that Match Group ended its pandemic year with revenues 17% higher than the previous year.

Love, in fact

Dubey appears to have a strong and successful marriage, but says his own romance doesn’t really influence his work. She pulls the curtain back a bit to offer a glimpse into this inner world, when she says she’s driven by a desperate desire for everyone to find that relationship that makes them better versions of themselves. “I met my husband over 25 years ago and I absolutely think my life is better with him than it would be without him. The optimism, happiness and growth that comes with a relationship drives me to help everyone find it, ”she says. Sounds like the archetype of what Match users might hope for when they sign up.

There is no formula for falling in love, but Dubey offers two: “If you are looking for love that lasts, the main absolute criteria are kindness and generosity. Two human beings will never be in sync at all times, from youth to middle age and old age. It is not possible. So the basic thing that we need is to be able to have the kindness and generosity to give them space and show how much we are there for them. If she can figure out how to code that in an app, her title “boss of romance” will need an upgrade.

Sharmistha Dubey won the Tech Leader of the Year award at Vogue Women of the Year 2021.

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Has the pandemic changed the dating game? Thu, 02 Dec 2021 11:28:23 +0000

As we move towards 2022, we can relate to being on the cusp of two deadlines – one where social distancing was imperative and the other where socialization has returned to normal. With the rise of the post-pandemic world, a lot has changed; not like Thanos’ post-snap world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but things have changed. But has it changed the dating game?

Seize the moment

Aili Seghetti, a dating coach from Mumbai, believes the lockdown has made people more adventurous. “Ever since the thought of uncertainty and death crept in, it has prompted people to be adventurous and seize the moment. I get a lot of girls who are open to dating, which was not the case before, “she adds. Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Manager, Bumble shares:” The time spent in blockages allowed people to focus on what they are really looking for while dating, giving them a renewed sense of clarity and confidence to take control of their love life when they meet new people. ” Samaddar also shares statistics and adds: “74% of single Indian respondents believe there is a decrease in negative dating behaviors such as ghosting, breadcrumbs, cat fishing, among others.


The lockdown also gave individuals plenty of time to introspect. “Post-pandemic people are more vocal about being bi-curious now. I get a lot of inquiries about this, ”Seghetti says, adding,“ Plus, sex toy sales have grown a lot since the lockdown left people with few options. In a city like Pune where the majority of its population is made up of students, the lockdown has brought about crucial changes. “Due to the lockdown, the students had to relocate to their hometowns, which led to the couples having a long-distance relationship. I have several friends who have gone for an open relationship arrangement, something they would never even have thought of committing to. Also, trios and swing are very popular these days, ”says Kabir Khurana, RJ in Pune.



While for other couples, the post-pandemic world has introduced them to the concept of staycation. Jyoti Pandey, a public relations professional, harnessed herself just before the lockdown. “We had to explore other options. Since it was also dangerous to party with random strangers in a club, we started to staycations often. Most of the time it’s me and my husband or a group of friends who go for the weekend. And now we’re hooked on it because it’s safer and more comfortable, ”Pandey shares.


For singles, the post-pandemic dating world can be a bit intimidating. “We now depend on dating apps,” explains Dr Rutuj Mali, who often commutes between Mumbai and Pune. “Previously, you could go out and meet women organically, however, in my experience; confidence took a hit. We were so comfortable behind the screens that now I’m afraid to say ‘hello’ to a random girl, ”he adds. Dating coach Pratik Jain says, “Those who were socially anxious are more anxious now. However, the bigger question is: has the pandemic changed the world? I do not think so. It may have made a few minute changes, but nothing drastic. Awareness is simply not limited to oneself. Daters are more aware in terms of understanding toxic relationships and aware of the virus. According to a study by Bumble, 38% of daters polled would not go on a date or have sex with someone who has not received the COVID vaccine.

READ DON’T MISS: The Cénacle community Thu, 02 Dec 2021 05:04:42 +0000

THE FIRST QUESTION: “Is the ‘upper room’ a church? Strictly speaking, the answer is “No”. It is certainly a place of evangelical Christian fellowship, but if by “church” you mean a dedicated place of worship, with a steeple, stained glass windows, wooden benches and a richly carved pulpit, then, no, the Upper House. is not a church. So Christopher Luxon didn’t lie to RNZ’s Suzie Fergusson on Wednesday morning (1/12/21) when he said he hadn’t been in a church for five years.

Where I come from, however, we would call Luxon’s answer “Jesuitical” – which means “to practice casuistry or equivocation; use subtle or overly subtle reasoning; cunning; smart; scheming. “Why? Well, think about Luxon’s response for a moment or two. Five years ago Luxon’s political career was just a glint in Prime Minister John Key’s eyes. He was still at the head of Air NZ, still earning over $ 4 million a year and, almost certainly, still a key Fellowship of the Upper Room participant.

Why not frankly admit that you belong to the Cenacle? What is it in this community that prompts Luxon and its advisors to do as little as possible? The answer lies in the information unearthed by the kind of journalists who know where to go to search the Internet for connections between evangelical Christian fraternities and ambitious right-wing politicians. What that research revealed was a decidedly Trumpian-sympathetic Upper House pastor whose political views appeared to align with those of the American Christian right. Unsurprisingly, Luxon went out of his way to put these “interesting” associations as far behind him as possible.

Indeed, his embarrassment is evident in the way he tries to dissuade reporters from scrutinizing his Christian beliefs. He said at his first press conference as leader of the opposition that his faith had been “distorted and portrayed in a very negative way.” This personal faith, he said, was something that “anchored me and put me in [a] context that is bigger than me. Anticipating the next question from the assembled reporters, he went on to clearly state his belief in the “separation of politics and faith”.

It is a rather particular formulation. Most people who had seriously thought about the question would have used the more familiar wording: separation of church and state. There are many solid historical and philosophical reasons for keeping spiritual and temporal powers in their place. Theocracies are not comfortable places to live.

Jesus himself famously responded to the dreadful challenges of power and godliness with his wonderfully (and typically) riddle: “Return therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God those things which are God’s.

But to separate “faith” and “politics”? Well, that’s a very different question. Many would say that no Christian worth his salt would ever attempt to do such a thing. Did Jesus separate faith and politics when he flogged the money changers and overturned their tables? When he cried out, “The Scriptures say, ‘My Temple shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves! Was the Galilean carpenter keeping politics low when he said to his followers: “[I]It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God! (One can only speculate how easy it is for the owner of Seven Houses to enter Heaven!)

What kind of Christian would try to persuade his brothers and sisters that the moral imperatives of their faith should not, in any case, be concretely expressed in the world of flesh and blood in which they inhabit? If the Almighty commands: “You shall not kill. So, isn’t it for a Christian lawmaker to make laws prohibiting murder and manslaughter? (What about abortion?) To suggest, as Luxon does, that faith and politics can – and should – be separated, admits only of two possible conclusions. Either he does not understand the obligations of a Christian. Or, it isn’t.

TDB recommends

Then again, he may be the kind of Christian who gave us the word I used earlier, “Jesuit”.

The “Society of Jesus” – the Jesuits – was formed in 1540 to combat the “error” of Protestantism at a time when the Catholic Church and the followers of Martin Luther and his theological reformers were locked in a deadly battle for l soul of Christendom. In the bitter religious and military conflicts resulting from the Catholic “Counter-Reformation,” the Jesuit Order became the equivalent of the Pope’s Navy SEALs – an elite ideological force in the defense of the only true faith. As is the case with so many elite units, the purposes of Jesuit spiritual warfare missions were deemed important enough to warrant all kinds of means.

Fast forward to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and Christianity is still a religion bitterly divided between those caught up in the struggle to determine what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God; and those who heretically came to regard the purposes of God and the purposes of Caesar as one and the same.

The first see the walking orders of God in the Sermon of Jesus on the Mount: and in the preferential option of God for the poor. They believe that God exercises His authority through those He chooses to rule a lost and sinful world. Above all, they don’t have to be good men. The murderer and adulterer, King David, was he a good man? God loved him, however. All that matters is that such men rise to positions from which the will of God can be manifested. The American Christian right immediately understood that Donald Trump was not a good man. But, they believed with all their heart that he was the man of God.

Which of these two groups does Christopher Luxon belong to?

As the Taxpayers Union was quick to point out, a man who accepted a $ 4 million pay cut to enter Parliament was clearly not doing it for the money! Interviewed on camera by Stuff, just hours after becoming the new leader of the National Party, Luxon traces his interest in politics back to a biography of Winston Churchill – a man who from an early age was convinced that God had a special purpose for him. The biographies of “great men” shaped Luxon’s understanding of business and politics. If the Taxpayers Union is right and he’s not in Parliament for the money, then why is he here? For power?

Luxon insists its goal is to bring National back to moderation. If that’s true, then we have to wish him luck. But I can’t help but recall her difficulty in answering Suzie Fergusson’s questions about her faith. To be an evangelical Christian is to be a proud publisher of the “good news” of Christ to “all nations”. No Christian politician should ever remain silent when challenged to declare his mission. Jesus’ “agenda” has not changed for 2000 years:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ‘and love your neighbor as yourself.”

The only world worth fighting for politically, and the only world worth living in, is the world that Caesar walks in the same order.

West Seattle Blog… | KENYON HALL: The shows must continue Thu, 02 Dec 2021 04:28:00 +0000

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog Editor

Seven months after the untimely death of its longtime director, Kenyon Room comes back to life.

Lou MagorS’s sudden death in April came a year after a period that was already uncertain and baffling for all involved in the arts. And then, mourning its charismatic leader, fans of Kenyon Hall wondered about the future of this historic place.

But now Kenyon Hall is once again hosting shows – from recorded and streamed performances like last weekend’s concert by Casey MacGill, To The twelfth night productions‘next holiday game in person, opening soon. The board of directors of its non-profit parent company Seattle artists stepped in to actively do the job that needs to be done, ”explained a longtime board member Connie corrick, in a conversation with us at the lobby (7904 35th SW).

This includes providing income to keep the venue in business. In addition to hosting performances, the hall was also used for music and dance lessons, before the pandemic. Now part of it is coming back, Corrick told us – music lessons and tai chi are back on the calendar, to begin with.

Seattle Artists board members are stepping up their efforts “until we feel like we can hire someone” to run the venue, she explained. It’s a new role for the artists on the board, herself included – “Lou had always been the one running the room – the board has always been a support. Now we become an active board of directors, taking responsibility. It followed shock and grief. “It was devastating to lose him so unexpectedly – he intended to run the place for at least 5 more years! But we all took the plunge. It wasn’t about just sitting around, it was ‘was a question of how to move forward.

COVID, of course, complicated matters: “We couldn’t just reopen. ”

But gradually they started to move in that direction, with the support of many artists who performed in the venue – “many volunteered to do live shows – Lou had started this – to generate income. , for them too. They are interested (to ensure) that the legacy and history of the hall can continue.

This history dates back over a century, including its beginnings as the Olympic Heights Social Club. The story is part of the charm of the venue, but also part of its challenges – it has taken work over the years, although so far, Corrick says, “anything is achievable.” But bathrooms do need some work, and a 1960s oven might need more than routine maintenance for a long time. They are raising funds in a campaign called “Lights on for Lou, “to” keep the lights on. “(Seattle Artists owns the venue, and there is a mortgage to pay.)

(Lou Magor souvenir exhibition near the hall door)

The date has been set, meanwhile, for the great celebration of his life which could not take place in the spring or summer, again because of the pandemic. May 14 and / or 15, 2022 are the dates they wrote in pencil. And the best tribute of all will be to have some more things to do in the room by then.

First of all, “Twelfth Night Productions”It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio PlayWill be back at Kenyon Hall for performances on December 10, 11, 17 and 18 at 7:30 pm and December 12 and 19 at 3 pm. (Get tickets here!) Look for announcements on other shows soon after the first of the year.

And what about the hall’s legendary Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ (itself almost a century old)?

Corrick says Dennis james will be back in March to play it alongside silent films – a house favorite. And she and the rest of the board will do everything in their power to ensure the continuity of the shows: “So many people, performers and audience members, love the venue – it’s an honor to be part of it. ‘try to keep that alive. But not just by preserving the place – she is also grateful that they can “help people feel the welcome and the joy that Lou has brought here.”

Browns offense crumbles, as playoff hopes soar – Cleveland Browns blog Wed, 01 Dec 2021 11:09:49 +0000

BEREA, Ohio – Despite another inept performance, the Cleveland Browns offense still had one last chance to defeat the Baltimore Ravens.

Except for anyone who had actually watched the Browns offense on Sunday night – or for that matter, the past two months – couldn’t have had much confidence in a winning practice. Sure enough, Cleveland summarily beat four goals, with three noncompletions from Baker Mayfield, followed by an assist to David Njoku well below the first scorer.

Once again – and for the sixth time in seven games – the Browns failed to score more than 17 points, this time resulting in a 16-10 loss to Baltimore that officially put Cleveland’s playoff hopes. .

Last year, Cleveland’s crushing offense surged into the playoffs, propelling the Browns to their first playoff appearance since 2002.

This season, the offense has completely stabilized.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Kevin Stefanski, who just over a year ago was named NFL Coach of the Year as he called coins for the much-vaunted Browns offense. “Not scoring enough is always a combination of things – staying on the pitch on the third down, trying to run the ball efficiently and going into the red zone. … But we’re just not doing a good enough job, and it starts with me.

Stefanski said on Monday that the Browns will spend the upcoming week off self-research, trying to find cures for what’s plaguing the offense. But he also said the Browns would not take drastic action. Stefanski will remain the playmaker. Mayfield will remain the starting quarterback.

“There are a bunch of different things we can do better,” Stefanski said. “When we spend time looking at it and taking it apart, the first thing we’re going to say is, ‘Okay, what are we good at? Can we do it more? How can we add nuance to it? How can you add wrinkles to it? So what are we not so good at and can we improve? Can we do that type of game or whatever? ‘

“This is where this week off can be a deep dive into who we really are.”

The problem is, at such a late stage in the season, it’s hard to imagine the offense being much different or much better than it has been.

As of Week 5, Cleveland ranks 24th for offensive efficiency, 25th for expected added offensive points, 19th for yards per game, 24th for third down conversion rate and 26th for first downs per game.

In other words, the Browns inexplicably own one of the worst offenses in the NFL, on almost every level. And the sample size is no longer that small.

“Just frustrating,” guard Joel Bitonio said. “We understand that there are points to be scored. … He was [like that for] a few weeks.”

The defenses took over.

They stack the box to stop the race and challenge the Browns to throw. And Mayfield and his smugglers couldn’t capitalize.

“We just need to make more plays,” said Mayfield, whose only touchdown pass to Njoku on Sunday could have been undone as it seemed to bounce off the turf first. “As simple as it sounds, it really is like that. There are pieces to be done and we have to do them. “

Stefanski continues to try to compose these pieces. But in the face of those loaded boxes, he has sometimes strayed from what the Browns do best.

At halftime on Sunday, Pro Bowl backer Nick Chubb had just four runs, his smallest number in the first half since 2019, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Together, Chubb and Kareem Hunt finished with just 15 carries for just 36 yards, as running play became a non-factor against the Ravens.

“At the end of the day, we didn’t have enough opportunities to let our racing game play out for us,” Stefanski said. “When it wasn’t going, we sometimes pivoted into the passing game.”

Despite Mayfield and the line’s various injuries, which had their effect, it’s still hard to believe the offense has regressed to this point from last season, when it finished sixth in the league in efficiency.

With the return of the 11 starters, plus every key save, this offense was poised to take another big step forward. Instead, he took several back.

Now a season that started with so much promise is slipping away.

With offensive issues, a week off alone probably can’t fix it.

End inequalities. Ending AIDS | Blog Tue, 30 Nov 2021 10:34:31 +0000

Inclusive India is the need of the day. One of the main priorities is to resolve critical tensions and create a positive global impact. As Durex India, we want to release freedom to allow everyone to express themselves and behave according to their true sexual self. No one can be, or should be, left behind. Everyone can adorn their true and independent identity. It is a necessity for any society and nation to involve and absorb not only individuals, but different communities.

The main action to forge this agenda, and to take several steps in the right direction, is to educate our young people, especially adolescents. They need safe platforms and spaces, where they can engage in critical social, sexual and healthy conversations. Openness and willingness to discuss sexual and reproductive health issues must be at the forefront of any vision or program. Only a well thought out strategy can allow the creation of such public and private spaces, both at home and outside, where there is no shame in discussing private and sensitive subjects.

Instead of push factors, pull factors that push behavior in the right direction are important. Therefore, it is important to take an empowering approach not only for adolescents and young adults, but also for teachers, caregivers, health workers and, most importantly, key populations. There is also a large population that is infected with HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of the key populations constitute communities engaged in sex work that are highly prone to HIV / AIDS and other STDs. Segments such as migrants and truckers are at enormous risk.

We believe in advocating for a more participatory approach, where information and education can lead to positive change and build inclusive, healthier and safer societies. Not just in terms of social and economic equality, but instead of multiple gender sexual empowerment. Women, men and binaries must be able to express their wants and needs. No one should be forced to participate in sexual activity without their consent. Society must accept and embrace other genders with different and multiple sexual identities and preferences.

Reckitt, as a founding member of the Condom Alliance, launched India’s first condomology report in 2021. This report is a way to help make India a sexually healthy and progressive nation. In 2021, Reckitt stepped up awareness raising activities on adolescent sexual and reproductive health through the Durex Birds and Bees Talk campaign in northeast India to reach over 4 million schoolchildren and young people. . The program is a one-of-a-kind initiative where the model was developed with parents before approaching children based on a culturally appropriate behavior change model and information on topics such as inclusion, awareness, consent, protection and equity.

The challenge now is to ensure that these messages reach the hundreds of millions of young people in urban and rural areas. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. Several stakeholders, including industry, must be involved in the process. But the program allows key sections, like teachers, parents and school administrations, to take the necessary action. It is very encouraging to see a deeper engagement from the respective state governments and cultural groups in North East India.

Think tanks and media like Network18, NDTV, Outlook India, India TV and many others can play a catalytic role in helping millions of young people take the right action. OTT platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. can play a central role in ensuring that messages reach the right audience.

There is a huge role that needs to be played by youth in India, this includes young influencers and youth organizations to create much needed impact. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. This is true not only for Spiderman, but for every youngster, who has the ability to encourage others to change their sexual practices. The condom can easily be stacked together as a smart and cool choice. As you walk out with your car key and wallet, you cannot leave your house without the condoms.

With a focus on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of “Leaving No One Behind”, this year’s World AIDS Day theme is “Ending the HIV Epidemic: equitable access, everyone’s voice ”is essential to ensure that we reach the people who have been left behind. Ensuring that there is no disparity and contempt for people who already have HIV is something we need to be aware of. At Reckitt India, we are committed to tackling inequalities and ensuring access to the products and services needed to fight HIV / AIDS.

About the Author: Ravi Bhatnagar is the Director of External Affairs and SOA Partnerships, Reckitt

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV assumes no responsibility in this regard.

Does Jack Dorsey have a wife or girlfriend? Her love life explored Mon, 29 Nov 2021 21:13:19 +0000

On November 29, Jack Dorsey confirmed he would be stepping down as CEO of Twitter. In the midst of this, social media users were curious about his love life and wondered if he had a wife or a girlfriend.

The news of Jack’s resignation came as a shock to many. Sharing the news, he revealed that Parag Agrawal will reprise his role. Since this announcement was made, several people have shared their reactions on the platform.

Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Does Jack Dorsey have a wife or girlfriend?

No, Jack doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend. However, he was spotted hanging out with swimsuit model Flora Carter in Miami in June 2021, according to Sixth page.

Even though the couple appeared to be hanging out together, there is no confirmation if they were in a romantic relationship. In the photos shared by the outlet, Jack and Flora can be seen enjoying the beach and walking around together.

A look at her love life

Before being linked to Flora, it was rumored that Jake was in a relationship with Raven Lyn Corneil. The couple reportedly started dating in 2018, but their relationship ended in 2019.

Hollyoaks | Official Winter Trailer | Every 4

According to The sun, Jake had an intermittent relationship with Kate Greer in 2013. Kate is a blogger, entrepreneur and artist. She is also the founder of a handmade popcorn company called Cheerie Lane Popcorn. In addition to running a successful business, Kate also enjoys traveling.

As of yet, no further information about their relationship has been released.

Why did Jack Dorsey resign from his post?

Jack decided to leave his position because he felt it was time for the company to have a new perspective. In an email to his staff, he wrote: “I have decided to quit Twitter because I think the company is ready to quit its founders. My confidence in Parag as CEO of Twitter runs deep. His work over the past 10 years has been transformational. I am deeply grateful for his talent, his heart and his soul. It is up to him to lead.

In other news, Debunked: Did Byrce Hall Meet Selena Gomez?

]]> Brigitte Mena talks dating game on new single “Honeybee” Thu, 25 Nov 2021 19:37:23 +0000

Over the past (almost) two years, many have chosen to reflect and consider what makes us flourish. For some, this means spending more time with loved ones. For others, it is about distancing oneself from those who no longer bring us joy. For singer-songwriter Brigitte Mena, both were needed throughout the ongoing pandemic.

During the pandemic, Mena, 28, ended a three-year relationship. Over the past year, Mena has learned to find solace in her own company, embraced hobbies, and chooses to put effort into platonic friends.

“It has been the best year of my life,” Mena said. “I didn’t know how to be single. I didn’t know how to be alone. And I also realize that I have lost a lot of connection with my friends. When you enter into a long-term relationship, you spend the majority of your time with that person. I made a promise to myself after that. I can no longer take this road. I have to take time for myself, take time for my friends, and really focus on myself.

On his latest album, Element, which was released last summer, Mena sings on guitar and instrumental drums about love, life and loss. “Unfinished Business” is a folk / alt-rock song about the dreams she had about her father, who passed away years ago. “Captain & Crook” is a song inspired by Peter Pan on which she swears to always protect her younger sister. “Maniac” is inspired by the Netflix limited series Maniacal, with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

When writing Element, Mena felt frustrated, she said, with a lack of inspiration for songwriting. She challenged herself to seek inspiration in her normal elements.

“I need to be in an emotional state to write something,” Mena says. “For Element, I wanted to look outside of this lens.

“I basically felt like I was that flower; sort of rooted and stuck in this place in my life. And the bee was the experience I had with dating. – Brigitte Ména

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She took a similar approach when writing “Honeybee,” her latest single, released last month. On “Honeybee”, she returns to the dating game after embracing her single status. “If I had one simple wish… I would be free as a bird, golden as a bee, cutting out what made me weak,” she sings over the ballad, acknowledging the fact that she has withdrawn from her. life of the things that hindered its growth. .

“I got into gardening during COVID,” says Mena. “I noticed this bee on this flower, and it was just a really beautiful moment. To me, I basically felt like I was that flower; sort of rooted and stuck in this place in my life. And the bee was the experience I had with dating; how people can just come into your life and take what they need from you. And then once they have that, they can calm down.

In real life, Mena is in no rush to get back into dating. She tried dating apps “for about two months” before finally removing them, citing red flags like “only being in town for one night” or “all the photos from the gym.”

Perhaps it was Mena’s psychologist who allowed her to see these red flags. At Southern Methodist University, she studied vocal performance and psychology, as she originally intended to become a therapist or counselor. His first album, Maslow, is inspired by the hierarchy of needs of psychologist Abraham Maslow, and even “Honeybee”, it is inspired by symbiotic relationships and the theory of attachment.

But music remains Mena’s true love. When not writing songs for herself, she performs covers in a band called Midnight Soul, which formed last summer, drawing inspiration from The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

Over the next year, Mena plans to release several new singles inspired by her regained freedom, including a song about her dog and a song about the ghost. She has written a new album, “acoustically speaking,” and plans to work with her band to record the songs.

“The theme of this album is basically my experience with all this year of growing and learning how to be – I don’t mean single, but by myself,” Mena says, “and really figuring out how to navigate. in this world like, as an individual and not depending on someone else to grow.

Who were Prince Harry’s exes? In her love life before Meghan Markle’s wedding Wed, 24 Nov 2021 20:00:36 +0000

The royals are notoriously private when it comes to dating, doing their best to keep romances out of the spotlight.

While some members have seen their relationships come under public scrutiny, others manage to maintain a private love life.

The one who didn’t quite get it under control was Prince Harry, who has found himself at the center of various rumored romances over the years.

Here we come back to the story of the Prince’s encounters, from Ellie Goulding to his wife Meghan Markle …

Receive exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo ops straight to your inbox with The daily OK newsletter! . You can register at the top of the page.

Nathalie Pinkham

It was rumored that a young Prince Harry was dating TV presenter Natalie Pinkham in 2003.

The couple have never confirmed or denied having had a romantic relationship.

However, Harry and Natalie are said to have remained close friends for many years despite their romantic relationship.

Prince Harry is rumored to be dating Natalie Pinkham in 2003

Natalie, now 44, is a reporter for Sky Sports F1 and is married to Owain Walbyoff with whom she shares two children.

Cassie sumner

Glamorous model Cassie Sumner caught Prince Harry’s attention as they both partied at 2000s Chinawhite nightclub in London.

The interaction happened in 2004, when Harry was just 21 while Cassie was 19.

She revealed in an interview that he invited her to his private table and the couple shared a flirtatious evening together.

Cassie Sumner spent a night with Harry in 2004
Cassie Sumner spent a night with Harry in 2004

However, Prince Harry’s interest in Cassie only seemed to be for one night, and the couple were no longer romantically linked.

Chelsy davy

Chelsy Davy dated Harry from 2004 to 2011, making her the Prince’s longest relationship to date.

Their romance has been intermittent over the years, after they first met during Harry’s sabbatical year in Cape Town.

Chelsy and Harry had an intermittent relationship for many years
Chelsy and Harry had an intermittent relationship for many years

Chelsy was Harry’s date at William and Kate’s royal wedding in 2011, having rekindled their romance once again. Eventually, the duo decided to quit once and for all, but still remain close friends.

Chelsy was even one of the many guests who were invited to Harry’s wedding to Meghan.

Astrid Harbord

A close friend of her sister-in-law Kate, Astrid Harbord would have enjoyed the company of Prince Harry in 2009.

The couple were spotted hanging out in London, which hinted that they were having a secret romance.

Astrid is good friends with Kate Middleton
Astrid is good friends with Kate Middleton

While Harry and Astrid have never confirmed or denied the rumors, they have been photographed multiple times over the years at various different events together.

However, it was said that once things got serious between Harry and Meghan, he cut ties with socialite Astrid.

Caroline Flack

Prince Harry had a brief romance with TV star Caroline Flack in 2009.

The couple met through a mutual friend, but once it became public, they quickly decided to go their separate ways.

Caroline and Harry had a brief romance
Caroline and Harry had a brief romance

Caroline previously spoke about her time with Harry, saying, “Once the story was out, that was it.

“We had to stop seeing each other. I was no longer Caroline Flack, TV presenter, I was Caroline Flack, Prince Harry’s bully.”

Camila Romestrand

After breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, Harry had a brief love affair with Camila Romestrand.

Camila, a Norwegian singer, has previously shared how she stayed at Clarence House with the prince and how he even served her breakfast in bed.

Camila Romestrand claimed she stayed at Clarence House
Camila Romestrand claimed she stayed at Clarence House

His account of their time together has never been confirmed or denied, with Harry remaining discreet about his romantic encounters.

Florence brudenell

Florence Brudenell was first linked to Prince Harry in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that their romance was confirmed.

Harry apparently spent time with the model in Notting Hill, London, where they had secret dates together.

Florence Brudenell is a model and actress
Florence Brudenell is a model and actress

Florence is said to have ended their relationship after worrying about the prince’s “wandering eye”. She is now married to multimillionaire Harry St George.

Florence recently opened up about her time with Harry, saying she felt “lucky” it didn’t work out and described how her “private life abruptly ended” once the relationship went public.

Cressida bonas

Having been introduced by their mutual friend, Princess Eugenie, Cressida and Harry instantly hit it off.

Harry dated the actress from 2012 to 2014, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Cressida struggled with the media attention that came from dating Harry
Cressida struggled with the media attention that came from dating Harry

Cressida could not have faced the public scrutiny linked to a relationship with a royal and allegedly cut all ties with the prince.

Mollie King

Singer Mollie has reportedly been too open about her relationship with the prince
Singer Mollie has reportedly been too open about her relationship with the prince

Saturday star Mollie revealed she had a brief romance with Prince Harry in 2012.

Rumors began to circulate after the couple were spotted together at a London bar that year.

However, Harry quickly put an end to things after Mollie opened up publicly about their romance.

Ellie Goulding

Singer Ellie Goulding was linked with Harry in 2016, after she was spotted comfortably watching Bershire polo shirt.

Although they were never officially an item, reports claimed they saw kissing that night.

Ellie and Harry are close friends
Ellie and Harry are close friends

The romance has never been confirmed, but Ellie and Harry are known to be close friends. She performed at Kate and William’s wedding in 2011, and at Harry’s Invictus Games in 2014.

Meghan markle

Prince Harry started dating Meghan Markle in 2016, and unlike his previous adventures, their romance turned serious very quickly.

It didn’t take long for the media to catch wind of the prince’s new girlfriend, and he eventually had to issue a statement urging the public to stop harassing Meghan.

Harry started dating Meghan in 2016
Harry started dating Meghan in 2016

However, they still managed to maintain a mostly private relationship, enjoying trips and dates together out of the public eye.

After Meghan met the Queen, she and Harry announced that they were engaged with a series of gorgeous portraits.

The couple then married in 2018 in a lavish ceremony and have since welcomed two children together, Archie and Lilbet.

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]]> 10 interesting blogs for seniors to feed their inner reader Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:30:00 +0000

Reading is one of the best pastimes a senior can have. Reading positive things can keep your mind fresh, which is vital for your well-being.

To this end, people have created many blogs specifically for the senior community. These blogs deal with various aspects of life from an older person’s perspective, which makes the content relevant.

Here we are going to take a look at ten interesting blogs for seniors to keep you up to date and entertained. - Home page

Senior Planet aims to make your old age more meaningful by offering new skills, routines and classes. It will help you learn new things so that you can better navigate the digital age.

Senior Planet’s Technology Services for Seniors offers technology courses, some of which are free. These courses improve your computer skills and teach you how to use the Internet to your advantage.

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The site also hosts conferences and workshops to further assist you in your learning about technology. Technical guides take part in these activities and share their knowledge with you.


This website also helps you become more physically active by introducing exercises and routines. People aged 60 or over can join this online community and enjoy all the benefits including health insurance etc. - Home page

This blog aims to change the way people talk about age. This allows you to spend your retirement years however you want without fear of being judged. It provides a lot of content on different topics for the elderly.

The AARP strives to guide you about your finances, health, employment, senior care and more. It also contains content on movies, music, and celebrities. You can also access the members-only section with a subscription. - Home page

Suddenly Senior has tons of informative and fun articles. It has many categories including health, humor, lifestyle, nostalgia, retirement, romance, tech, travel, romance and many more.

The website publishes a lot of articles to help you with your travel, health, fitness, etc. Reading this content can help you manage your old age better.

This blog is the best if you want to learn new things and stay active and productive. It also has lists of several other useful websites that you can check out. - Home page

The purpose of this blog is to transform the lives of women 60 and over. If you are interested in beauty and lifestyle, you will definitely like Sixty and Me.

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The blog also helps you find profitable work to live independently, with articles on small businesses, part-time jobs, and retirement management. It also focuses on creating a positive mindset and reducing stress.

You will also find articles on the well-being of older women. It contains numerous articles and content related to health and diet on beauty, dating, travel, state of mind and aging. - Home page

LoveToKnow provides quality information on family and relationship management, nursing home operations, retirement, senior services and assistance programs.

The blog contains articles in over 100 categories. You can find content related to pets, entertainment, gardening, beauty and style, travel, health, recreation and more on this website.

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This is a website created by women and ideal for women who are just entering the new phase of their aging life. Elder Chicks is a growing network of older women at different stages of adulthood.

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You can connect with and support other women through this blog by sharing your life and story, writing, and discussion forums. You can learn new skills from other women and make your life more productive.

On Elder Chicks, women share their life experiences of pain, joy, triumph, and adversity. It helps you make vital and correct decisions in life by being inspired by strong women. - Home page

Gray Fox is all about men’s and men’s fashion. Older men should also have the chance to dress according to the latest trends. This blog has been specially created for this purpose.

The main target of the blog is men aged 40 or over. The articles are geared towards men’s clothing, cars, travel and the arts made in Britain.

Gray Fox is very popular with older men, and those who follow him have plenty of fashion ideas. You can improve your fashion game by reading articles on this blog. - Home page

This blog is dedicated to women in their fifties. It meets all the needs of older women, whether it’s making money, helping women with makeup, or dealing with stress and anxiety.

You will find many guides on this blog that help women in various stages of life. Feisty Side of 50 will greatly increase your knowledge and help you make better life choices.

Many women have joined this community and they love to be part of the Feisty family. He encourages women to be proud of the accomplishments they have made in life.

Feisty Side of 50 focuses on the general well-being of women. Blogging can help women solve family and financial issues, fitness, motivation, and health issues. - Home page

Lifestyle Fifty is intended for women 50 years of age or older. On this blog you will find different topics related to food, travel, looks, beauty and wellness. It also provides a new mindset, allowing you to see the fifties as the new thirties.

There you will find exciting polls and inspiring articles. The blog also helps you plan your vacation. It aims to regulate all aspects of your life as an elderly woman. - Home page

Plus 50 Lifestyles aims to review aging in a new way. He tries to present aging as a lifestyle change and an opportunity to do new things, rather than age as a problem.

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As the name suggests, the blog is dedicated to people over 50. The content on the site tries to help the older community adjust better in relationships, health, finances, travel and appearance.

Articles on Over 50 Lifestyles are about health, travel, finance and real estate. You will find a lot of useful information related to all these categories.

Make the most of your old age by following these blogs

All of these sites aim to make your senior life in one way or another. The older community can connect to these blogs and make their retirement life more fun.

These sites are specialized in different fields. You can choose the one that interests you the most. Seniors created most of these blogs. So, we think you will find them very relevant.

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